Introduction and background

Itching is one of the commonest symptoms of acne sufferers. It is usually the first symptom that, unfortunately, often lasts longer than other signs and symptoms.  Therefore, all dermatologists and physicians want to put special focus on managing and preventing itching in their patients. Read the following article to discover and explore some of the time-tested and recommended hints and tips on itching prevention.


What causes itching in acne?

We all know that acne is caused due to the clogging and blockade of skin pores as a result of the obstruction caused due to the clutter of germs, bacteria, debris and pathogens. Once clogged, there is no ventilation / exchange of gases through, in and out of the skin. This leads to dryness and friction among skin tissues and cells. This friction and dryness is the main cause of itching in people with acne.  At times, there are also also allergic symptoms that further aggravate this itching problem leading to severe rubbing and friction.


Where does itching occur?

Itching can affect any part of the body but is specially prevalent on face, back, neck, arms, and shoulders.


Risks associated with itching?

If left untreated or uncontrolled, itching will lead to the following problems or complications:

Scarring:  Continuous itching eventually leads to friction and scratching by the patients  About half of such patients end up having permanent scars on their faces.

Infection: Itching often aggravates acne lesions and causes microscopic depressions which act as breeding ground for pus and bacteria. Hence, clogged pores become infected and septic.

Aggravation of acne: Itching may also exacerbate the already existing problem of acne, making other signs and symptoms (such as dryness, scarring, redness and rashes) even more severe.


How to control itching?

Following are the common hints and tips that have been recommended by health care experts to control and / or prevent itching from time to time:

1- Avoid sunlight:  The UV rays present in the sunlight often aggravate itching and contribute to skin dryness.

2- Use a recommended face wash: It’s better of you use a acne-specific face wash instead of the common face wash available in the market.  One of the best ways of doing so / saving money is to use an all-in-one anti-acne kit that includes a facial mask, cleansing gel / lotion and a face wash.

3- Use light make up: Heavier the make up is, more severe are the chances for itching and friction  Use only lighter cosmetics of good quality.

4- Avoid scratching / rubbing: This can’t be stressed enough. Scratching is what which will lead to permanent scars on your beautiful face. Avoid it during any time of the day or night. If you believe you will unwillingly scratch your face while sleeping, wear thin gloves on your hands.

5- Use an all-in-one acne treatment kit / system:  Acne is a multi-faceted problem that causes several other problems in the first place.  The signs and symptoms associated with acne are multiple and, therefore, treatment also requires a multi-dimensional approach at multiple fronts. You should, accordingly, use a treatment that includes all elements to address all of the symptoms associated with acne. Such an ideal and optimal acne treatment will include the following:

i) Cleansing lotion / cream

ii) Facial mask  (to absorb excess oil)

iii) Emergency treatment (to address itching and other urgent symptoms)

iv) Clearing tonic: To clear skin pores and make them germ-free

v) Scrub (To polish away the dead cells and debris)

vi) Probiotic complex ( that contains probiotics to kill fungi and give your skin a radiant and glowing look because of its various anti-oxidants)


Is there such a solution?

Fortunately yes, there is such a treatment that contains all the above-mentioned ingredients and components. This treatment is known as “Exposed Skin Care” and has been rated as one of the best acne treatment systems or kits by experts. On top of that it is very affordable for long term use and, to date, no serious side effects or complications have been observed.  Furthermore, it can be easily bought online , securely and discretely.  Last but not least, Exposed Skin Care not only helps treat acne but if applied properly and regularly, can also prevent various complications of acne such as acne scars or permanent acne lesions.


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