Introduction And Background

Men and women often go the market and get the best care products for their skin. They take immense time in researching and selecting the right kind of face wash, the right kind of cream and the right kind of soap. Their skin is important to them and it should be, since almost everyone is pretty sensitive about it. It has to be beautiful, fresh and flawless. But one thing everyone keeps forgetting. They might have chosen the best product, but they really do not know the right way to use it. And without any exaggeration, it can make all the difference.

The Idea Of Using Soap

The new generation, the twenty first generation to be exact, cannot really imagine using only soap to clean themselves. With products available such as body washes, face washes, face creams, hand washes and what not, the idea of using soap seems cheap and unseemly to them. The older generation might be able to relate with it more because all these new products would seem alien and useless to them because they are pretty comfortable with their soap. And they might be right. Good old soap is actually good for your skin and contains plain ingredients rather than all the chemicals that are present in other products. It removes the dirt, oil and bacteria from the skin and the foam that it creates cleans the pores neatly. However, one must know how to use the soap if they want their skin to not be ruined by it.

How To Apply Soap On The Face?

Now this is the part you need to pay particular attention to. Understand the fact that how you use the soap is equally important to what kind of soap you’re using. If you don’t apply it the right way, no soap will be able to give full advantage. Here are three points you need to keep in mind.
1. Do not roughen up the skin with soap. What many people do is, they rub it on their hands and then roughly rub it on their skin. It is necessary to be gentle because the skin is a very delicate organ of the body. At a certain age, the skin does not seem to protect itself as well as it used to or doesn’t seem strong enough. So you need to be careful with it and nourish it along with cleaning it. If you use the soap roughly, you might damage the layers of your skin and cause red patches even.
2. Create foam, but gently. The foam that is created by the soap is pretty good for your skin. It cleans the pores and reaches areas and layers that is impossible without the soapy foam. You can see the difference between a person who just overlaps their skin with soapy substance and those who create foam. The latter will always have a clearer skin.
3. Take your time. It is essential that you take your time while applying soap and while removing it. Those in a hurry are neither gentle with their skin nor are they able to properly remove the soap on the skin. In a hurry, they mess up the cleansing process that the skin on the face desperately requires daily. Sometimes, people apply the soap roughly and quickly and this can even cause zits and pimples. And if they do not remove the soap properly, it will irritate their skin a lot until they do. So do not rush. I repeat, take your time.

Is Soap Better Than Liquid Face Washes?

There is a heavy debate behind this and in the eyes of many, face washes are winning. There are a lot of points on both sides which we’ll not discuss because the point of this article is something else. But it is important to know that the applying on skin technique goes for face washes too. Soap and face washes have to be applied in the same way and the harms of not doing so are also somewhat similar. However, as far as which is better is concerned, it really depends on what suits your skin. Many people have the perfect skin and they use soap, in the right manner though. Face washes also cleanse the skin properly. So one cannot really say which is better. Whatever suits you is better for you. End of story.


It is sad that after putting in a lot of effort to find the soap that suits you the most, you never really understand how to use it. Just remember, be extremely gentle with your skin, take your time in applying it and create foam. These three things might just bring the change that you’re yearning for in your skin.


  1. sir,since i am using the soap.i have a little pimples o my face.just it is good to use soap or i should skip for the face wash which will be good for me.just suggest a some methods to get rid of pimples.


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