Introduction And Background

We simply cannot escape cosmetics. No matter how hard we try, it simply does not get out of our routine. Our natural skin is never enough in parties or gatherings where everybody looks refined and fresh with makeup while those who haven’t applied anything look simple and plain. No one wants to be simple and plain now, do they? Since we cannot escape makeup even though we know that it is not really good for our skin, we can somehow minimize the damage that it can do by knowing how to apply it properly. Very few ladies, or even men for that matter, will know how to properly apply makeup on skin that is sensitive or is prone to acne.

Why Is Makeup Bad For Skin?
Your skin is a natural part of your body. You’re putting chemicals on it. How is that not bad for your skin? Look at this way, will you ever eat chemicals or take them inside your body? No. The same goes for skin. Makeup can gradually roughen skin and what’s more, it can also cause the pores to become blocked which can easily cause acne. Those who have acne prone skin should specifically think about using a lot of makeup. It might be better to look simple than to have acne all over the face. Our pores play a very important role in causing acne and to block them is just the fastest ride to acne.

How To Apply Makeup To Acne Prone Skin?
Since applying makeup on to acne prone skin without really taking precautionary measures first will make things worse, it is best to know how to apply it really. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure that you are doing everything you can to prevent acne from occurring, even if you are using makeup.

  • Always wash your face before putting on something, even if it something as simple as a mascara or eyeshade. It is best to get that skin cleared up before it has any sort of makeup applied to it. Dirt and chemicals do not make a good combination, especially for acne prone skin.
  • Applying lotion before applying makeup is always a good thing to do. It gives a sort of protective layer above all that foundation and powder and other cosmetics that you can use. It also gives an even tone to your skin and keeps it from being dehydrated or from becoming too dry which happens in older women mostly.
  • Do not overdo it. Keep it light. Makeup can at times be avoided too or used very lightly. Everyone should take advantage of those situations and go easy on the skin. No use in spoiling it well before age by always applying things on it even when not necessary.
  • Be gentle. Some women do not notice it but they use their makeup brushes very violently. This is not good at all. They should just brush it lightly on their skin. Another thing to keep in mind is to clean these makeup brushes after using them frequently. This is a practice which is ignored by at least ninety percent of the population that use makeup. No one bothers to clean their brushes. This can also lead to bacteria and germs accumulating on the skin and thus; acne.
  • Do not use makeup of other people. It is better to have your own. Dirt and germs and bacteria are transferred this way and that is bad for skin.

A Tip Indeed
Always make sure that you wash your face the moment you don’t have to wear your makeup anymore. Most of the world’s population does not take notice of another fact that they delay the washing process to the maximum. If they come back from a party, they’ll hang around and lie down before doing anything to remove the pounds of makeup they have put on their face. Sometimes, they’ll even forget it’s on their face and it would be too much trouble to remove it. Thus, they end up sleeping with their makeup on. There is nothing more dangerous than that. It can actually cause your skin to roughen up and become dry and irritable. Do not do this to yourself. Always clean up before going to bed.

Makeup cannot be avoided but then one should only use it for short intervals of time. To use makeup constantly and consistently can be very bad for the skin. One should know the damage makeup can cause so they take extra precautions before putting it on. Hopefully, the article has given enough tips to ensure that acne prone skin does not suffer from anymore pimples because of makeup or any cosmetics.


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