Introduction And Background

We are always and forever looking for some things that could benefit our skin and make it look fresher or younger or anything good. We try out different creams and eat different things, all in the hopes that our skin would nourish from it. But the fact is, we don’t really know what we’re doing. We just listen to what people tell us and then go out and get it, putting it on our skin or in our system without any further ado. A little research wouldn’t do you any harm. It is best to actually know what you are doing with your skin. In this article, you will learn about Vitamin C and how it is beneficial for the skin.

A Little Info About Vitamin C
Vitamin C has another name; Ascorbic acid. You might have heard this name when in relation to fruits and maybe fruit juices. The fact is, a human being cannot actually synthesize vitamin C in the body nor can they create it from other substances. Thus, Vitamin C is an essentiality in our diet. A daily intake of 100 mg is recommended for normal adults. It varies with different ages. In infants, it is only 30 mg while in teenagers it is about 75 mg per day. Pregnant women have even greater needs and thus their intake exceeds that of any age group. Infections also force you to increase your daily intake of vitamin C. It is often a treatment method which is recommended by doctors. It’s benefits do not pertain to the skin only.

Vitamin C And The Benefits It Has For Skin
Vitamin C, as you’ve read above, is pretty important. It is necessary that we have it in our diet somehow to fulfill the daily requirement. Vitamin C has various benefits for the skin. Some of them are listed below:

  • The most vital aspect of vitamin C is wound healing. You might wonder how exactly that is beneficial to the skin but think again and then ask yourself how it is not. The skin is an open gateway to wounds. Every wound we get, unless it is some sort of internal bleeding, has to do with the skin. Thus vitamin C plays an important role in ensuring that the skin heals perfectly and that there is no unnecessary damage to it afterwards.
  • Those people who do not take sufficient Vitamin C in their diets often experience poor collagen formation. Now, collagen is also part of the skin, an important part. Imagine what will happen to your skin if one of the components is not being formed properly. The  skin will obviously suffer!
  • Vitamin C has an intimate connection with the metabolism of the body. This means that it has a role to play on the effect of skin color as well. For instance, have you ever seen the skin of a person who is suffering from some sort of metabolic disease, be it renal failure even? Hence, Vitamin C is important for proper functioning which reflects on the skin.
  • Scurvy is a very famous Vitamin C deficiency disease. There is poor teeth formation and swollen and bleeding gums follow. That area is also part of the skin, one that is clear when we talk or laugh or smile. This again has to do with proper collagen formation.
  • Indirectly, Vitamin C also plays a part in the normal formation of blood.
  • Those who have a proper intake of vitamin C generally have healthier skin without any marks or signs of wear and tear since the collagen are being formed properly.

Sources Of Vitamin C
Citrus fruits such as oranges are the most famous source of Vitamin C. Even a child in kindergarten would know that. But there are other forms of vitamin C present as well, for those of you who do not stick to fruits alone. It is also present in vegetables such as green lettuce, cabbage, peas, seeds and beans. Potatoes and tomatoes also have vitamin C in them. Milk does not really have vitamin C in it. Only human milk does, for infants. But other than this, the best sources of vitamin C remain to be citrus fruits such as lime, lemon and oranges.

Now that you are well aware of how important vitamin C is for the skin and how exactly it will help you, you should stock your house with all the above mentioned sources. Since you need a daily dosage of it somehow, it is best if you get it the right way. Eating supplements is also helpful if these foods are not something you are fond of. A lot of people take pills to overcome their deficiency as it is stressed again and again of how essential this vitamin is for good health, not only for skin.


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