Introduction And Background

The commonest of all skin diseases, almost every teenager has something to complain about acne. Whether it is on the face, on the shoulder or even on other parts of the body, they are all troubled with this skin condition. Since acne is a common word amongst teenagers and young adults, we’ll find out how common acne really is, what causes it and why it is so prevalent. You’ll also get to know a little about curing acne.

How Common Is Acne?

Acne is a very common disease. It is almost a natural thing that occurs during puberty because of all the hormonal changes that a child is going through. Acne also occurs due to various other reasons such as poor hygiene, genetic reasons and due to some skin irritation or pimples that accumulate and get worse. Here are a few facts (number facts) that show how common Acne really is:
• About Ninety Five percent of people are struck with acne during their life. Whether it is mild acne or severe acne, they will have it. The remaining five percent will have flawless skin.
• Generally, teenage girls get acne after the age of fourteen. It is the acne that comes with puberty and is found in boys as well. Fifty percent of women above the age of twenty one have acne. This type of acne usually comes during pregnancy. A small percentage of women above forty also experience this skin disease.
• Men’s percentage of suffering from acne is half that of women’s. Their skin is less sensitive than a woman’s and their acne usually comes due to lack of hygiene or some bacterial infection while shaving or otherwise. The teenage boys who suffer from acne get it due to hormonal changes of puberty.


Why Is Acne So Common?

Acne is common due to a number of reasons. For one, people get pimples and whiteheads all the time. It is a process that one cannot really escape from. Sometimes, those pimples and whiteheads get worse and worse and accumulate to form a condition of acne which becomes permanent and prominent than those simple pimples that were there first. Acne can develop easily due to neglect of taking care of the skin or some other environmental factors such as staying too long under the sunlight or getting whiffs of pollution and smoke a lot. Mostly, acne is common because:
• Teenagers face a lot of hormonal changes. The hormonal changes sometimes show on the skin in the form of pimples and acne.
• An effect that comes about with pregnancy is acne. Pregnant women also face a lot of hormonal changes during their pregnancy and many get acne because of it.
• Lack of hygiene in some areas of the world and with the sunlight getting ever so stronger day by day, many people are getting acne because of these reasons. Teenagers face a lot of changes in their body yes but their lack of care of hygiene also adds reason to why they are the age group that gets stuck with acne the most.


Can Acne Be Cured?

Surprisingly, more than sixty percent of the population that is facing acne believes that it cannot be cured! They think that it can be curtailed and improved with time but getting rid of it completely is next to impossible. Well, they’ll be surprised to hear that acne can be cured. You can get rid of it completely if you want but for that you’ll have to take extra good care of the treatment process and to ensure that you do not mishandle any instructions given. A lot of people start the treatment process but they don’t really think that their condition can get better. But with the right diet, the right treatment kit and the right attitude, you can get rid of acne forever.


What Age Group Is Acne Most Common In? Can Acne Be Cured In Adults?

The age group that faces acne the most is the one with teens. You’ll see almost all of them getting it sometime during their puberty stages till their adult life. And if they get acne in their adult life, it can be cured too. So do not feel sad about getting acne. Get your spirits up and start finding ways to cure your acne rather than sit and moan about it to others.



We know that acne is the most common and the most feared of all skin conditions. Its damage does not stay within the limits of being physical. It can also do emotional and mental damage by causing depression and low self esteem. However, know that it is common so you are not alone in this. And know that it can be cured.


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