Introduction and background

Do not ignore your skin. It needs your attention and care as much as your body needs its daily water requirement. If you do not drink water, what happens? Your body feels ill and weak and your skin and tongue have all the signs and symptoms of dehydration. When you ignore your skin, not much changes. Your skin looks ragged and old (not kidding at all) and then when you realize what you’ve done, you have a sign to show your ignorance; the skin condition of acne.


Why is Skin Care so important?

It does seem like a rhetorical question, doesn’t it? Skin care is what all the people go mad about. Every single person is worried about their skin. This time, gender does not play a part because both are equally concerned. Men play a little role in this because they like to pretend that they do not care. And because they get hit with skin conditions far less than women do. But the concern is there. We live in a materialistic world that goes a lot on looks and beauty. So in order to survive and to make yourself feel content and confident, you have to have the best skin. For that to happen, you have to take care of it. Do not use cosmetics all the time. It will damage your skin immensely. Be selective and if you cannot live without it, wear little of it or to special events only.


How to heal damaged skin?

Since you’ve already been careless if you’re reading this; then do be careful and follow the rules and instructions so that you can nourish your skin back to normal. It takes time, but it is not impossible. Here are some ways to do so:
• Start eating healthy. Eat fruits and vegetables. Nothing does it better than inner healing. Fill up on the vitamins and minerals that your body has been deprived of.
• Drink a lot of water. You’ll be surprised at how fast the skin gets its glow back when a person has a lot of water in the body.
• Massage your skin with clean hands two to three times a day. It helps blood circulation. But make sure the hand is clean otherwise you will just be rubbing dirt and bacteria on your face. However, it is better not to touch if not necessary.
• Let it heal without any disturbance. Do not apply several products at a time just to quicken up the process. One golden rule to remember is that healing the skin takes time. So be patient to get the best results.

Any natural treatments?

If you have acne, which is the worst skin condition present and perhaps the only one that brings about a sea of concern, then you should know that following a treatment plan alongside the healing process is better. And since the healing process is all natural, it would be fortunate if the treatment process is as well. The herbal treatment process of acne is one of the processes which is fast gaining popularity because of its ‘natural’ appeal and affordability. Just because it is inexpensive, it does not mean that the herbal treatment is a compromise. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It treats all forms of acne that no cream or dermal substance can do. It can manage severe acne as well as mild. Going the herbal way is the best choice, especially since they have no side effects.


The skin is an important part of the body. You should learn to take care of it from the beginning and if you have kids, teach them this lesson too so that they should not regret anything later in life. You should eat the right diet so that your skin can benefit from it. You should exercise often so that it the skin stays healthy and toned rather than saggy and pale. Do not misuse cosmetics on it either. Going everywhere all dolled up seems nice but in the long run, you’ll just be harming yourself and nothing else. So be specific and be wise in cosmetics use. It is one of the main causes of damaged skin and if you have made the mistake if misusing them, then you already know the healing pathway through this article.


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