Introduction And Background

We are all looking for the ultimate solution to solving our acne problems. Turns out, most of us get this skin condition sometime in our life and there is absolutely nothing we hate more than marks on our faces. Well, acne is a terribly skin condition, agreed. But even more terrible is the fact that we give up on acne whenever we have it. Either our parents tells us that we’ll grow out of it or we grow tired ourselves using cream after cream to no avail. The thing is, acne can be cured. It takes time, but it can be cured. The only problem is, we never really try to find out how.

The Gift Of Vitamins
We all know what vitamins are but in case you don’t, here is a little introduction for you. Vitamins are actually organic compounds that are a necessity for our daily body functioning. They maintain our health and promote growth as well as are prevalent for normal metabolic functions. Vitamin deficiency can produce many diseases which can be fatal even at times. A deficiency in vitamins also leads to a deficiency in the healing process. In this case, we’re talking specifically about acne.

Vitamins That Can Heal Acne
Vitamins are very good for our health and can actually heal our acne. Mostly women have tried out this method of healing their acne with vitamins and have turned out pretty successful. This method might be way better than using cheap dermal creams which probably have a lot of chemicals in them that might be able to heal acne but they can also darken your skin in the process. No one wants dark skin. Hence, here is a list of vitamins that you should think of taking if you have acne problems.

  • Vitamin A
    The scientific name for Vitamin A is actually termed as Retinoids since this particular vitamin plays a major role in our vision. Nonetheless, we are more concerned about acne here so the first thing you should know about Vitamin A is that it is an antioxidant. Vitamin A is not only a natural treating method but has also been recognized by various dermatologists as being a good source of treatment for acne. The doctors often prescribe their supplements to those who come to them for solutions for acne. As mentioned above, if there is a deficiency of vitamins in our body then there are certain diseases that might occur and our body can weaken generally. Research has shown that a deficiency in this vitamin not only messes with our vision but redness and inflammation of the skin can also occur; in other words, acne.
  • Vitamin B
    There are many types of Vitamin B but the one we are going to talk about is number 6. Leading scientists have reported that a deficiency of this specific vitamin can cause unhealthy skin and spots and inflammation, similar to the symptoms of acne. It is best to also use this vitamin to heal your acne.
  • Vitamin C
    The same as vitamin A, Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and it is really helpful in getting rid of the toxicity present in the body. When our inner system begins to clear up, it is natural that the outer one will clear up too. Hence, using this vitamin as a tool against acne will be a smart and helpful move.
  • Vitamin E
    It is good for healthy skin, though it might not be as important as all the other vitamins mentioned above. Nonetheless, who says you can’t get too much of a good thing? Vitamin E is also a great antioxidant and should be used to heal acne.

Sources Of Vitamins
Vitamins are of course present in supplements and that is the general form in which most people like to take them, women especially. However, it is no wonder that most tell us to keep the diet right to heal acne because the main source of vitamins naturally comes from the food we eat. They are present in cereals, fruits and vegetables and even in meat. Some vitamins are of course synthesized by our skin, such as vitamin D but vitamins are mainly present in our food. The requirement increases if there is a disease or some sort of sickness such as fever or sore throat or even acne. It is best to take in a good diet to heal the acne with vitamins.

Healing acne with vitamins is probably a good step as nothing is best as healing yourself naturally with the contents that nature has so kindly given us. It will take time as healing the skin and especially the acne does not happen in just two or three days. It might even take more than a month and you will have to be very patient and will also have to work hard at it. But in the end it will all be worth it.


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