Post-acne scarring can be a physically disabling and psychologically devastating disease. Unfortunately, it is not particularly well treated. Getting rid of acne scars is a real, every-day challenge that is increasingly being faced by dermatologists, herbalists and naturopaths. Few people, however, are aware of the fact that the very first step in the process of getting rid of acne scars is to identify and differentiate various grades of acne scars. The following article is intended to give you some basic insights related with acne scarring and its grading / classification:


Classification / Grading of acne scars

Grade 1 Acne Scarring

In this grade, scarring is visible irrespective of distance and represents not a problem of contour like other scar grades, but of colour. The colour may be red, white or various shades of brown to black. Macules may arise in different scenarios and require specific treatments.

Grade II Acne Scarring

These are superficial atrophic-type scars, or rolling scars. They may not be obvious at social distances of 50 cm or greater and may be covered adequately by make up, the normal shadow of shaved beard hair in males, or by normal body hair if extrafacial (not present on the face).This is the group probably most at risk from the danger of both exaggerating their problem and of being over-treated by their physicians.


Grade III Acne Scarring

This level of scarring is obvious at social distances of 50 cm or greater and is not covered easily by make up or the normal shadow of shaved beard hair in males, or by body hair if extrafacial. However, it is still able to be flattened by manual stretching of the skin.


Grade IV Acne Scarring

This type of scarring is obvious at social distances of 50 cm or greater. It is not covered easily by make up or the normal shadow of shaved beard hair in males, or by body hair if extrafacial, and is not able to be flattened by manual stretching of the skin. This group comprises punched out atrophic (deep ‘box car’), ‘ice pick’ scars, bridges and tunnels.


Getting rid of acne scars

There are various ways of getting rid of acne scars and can be divided into the following subgroups:

Low cost methods

If you’re wondering what is the best product to fade acne scars and not break the bank, then consider natural treatments. Natural treatment creams can often be made from items already in your home, and they can be just as effective as prescription products. Tanning is another low cost method that can help to disguise and fade scars.

Quick methods

The quickest way to fade acne scars, or to give the appearance that they are fading, is with makeup. Makeup can be used to smooth out your skin tone, or to fill in the pits and dings left behind by the acne. Concealer can even be used to cover up particularly bad marks, and the best part is that the results are instant.

Permanent solutions

Laser surgery and microdermabrasion are two of the methods that provide more permanent solutions, and are some of the best products to fade acne scars. Laser surgery can be dangerous however, and is best left for those who have exhausted every other avenue.

Microdermabrasion is a nice alternative to extreme laser surgery, and with only a few weekly treatments, can remove dead skin layers to expose the fresh clear skin that lies underneath. There are even home kits, like the ones mentioned in this research-based comparison chart which allow you to treat yourself. Finally, you must remember that acne scars are never appealing, and acne scars are even less so. But there are steps that you can take to cover up your acne scars and get your confidence back starting today.


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