Introduction And Background

Our body is an amazing piece of work. It is built to deal with all kinds of mechanisms. If it is too cold, the body will function in order to preserve the heat inside so that the normal human temperature can be maintained. If it is too hot, the body will again work to release even more heat than normal so that the core temperature does not rise and cause problems for health or even life threatening situations. The body is a wonderful machine, but only one that is alive. However, in this article, we will only be learning about one of the millions of mechanisms that take place inside it. The one of perspiration, what people often call sweat.


What Is Sweat?

Everyone knows what sweat is. Though they must not be aware of the contents of sweat but they generally know what it is. Sweat is the liquid substance that is secreted by your body onto your skin in various situations, usually when you feel hot. It is secreted by the sweat glands present in the skin. Sweat is mostly water but it contains slight amounts of substances such as ammonia, urea and a few salts.


Functions Of Perspiration

We established before that perspiration is another word for sweating, in case you get confused. Now we move on to the functions of perspiration. Everyone perspires. Even those people you see in movies that, in the most heated conditions have the perfect hair and non glistening skin perspires. And they should too. Perspiration has important functions of which the main are:
• Perspiration is often related to heat. When there is a rise in temperature of the surroundings, the body heats up and that can be dangerous. The temperature of the body has to be stable or else the cells will start to burst, problems will occur with the running of the organs and even heat strokes can arise which can lead to death. It is the process of perspiration that cools the body down. The sweat released onto the body cools it down and when the watery substance evaporates from the skin, it takes heat with it giving a cooling effect.
• Sweating also makes one breathe faster and is a generally good pump up for heart circulation and the pulmonary circulation. One can see that generally, during exercise, one sweats a lot. In exercise, we breathe faster too. This is because of the want of oxygen supply in our body but sweating also has a part to play in it.
• As mentioned before, the sweat contains amounts of toxic substances such as ammonia and urea which are not really required by the body. Through the process of perspiration, the body gets rid of these substances as well.
• It is not only during heated conditions that a person can sweat. You’ll notice that often in the midst of the coldest weather, you can sweat. This might be due to something that is making you nervous or because you are under a lot of stress. Perspiration can help relieve that stress and this is also one of the major functions of sweating. Not many people know that.


What If We Don’t Sweat?

Well then, there will be a lot of problems to face! If one does not sweat, they would be in danger of getting a heat stroke if they are ever in heated conditions for longer periods of time! They will also have very dry skin because sweat is known to moisten up dry skin a little. It is a healthy and cleansing process. There are diseases where people do not perspire but they have to be very careful about their conditions then because they need to ensure their heart rate and breathing rate is normal in hot temperatures.


Another Benefit Of Perspiration

Some people have associated the process of weight loss with one of perspiration. Sweating is a sign that your body is burning calories and getting rid of the extra toxins that are present inside. When you go to the gym and exercise, you sweat like crazy. You are also burning calories. You also lose weight by sweating but that is mostly water weight. However, it is weight nonetheless!



Everyone perspires. We often see ourselves getting tired of our sweat and worrying that it will smell. We also wish that we didn’t sweat that much. The smell that is associated with sweat has all to do with our natural scent and everyone’s is different. However, seeing the functions of sweating and seeing how beneficial it really is, do not get tired of it. There are ways you can make it less but wanting it to stop altogether is dangerous and not at all suitable for the body.


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