Introduction And Background

We often think we’re taking good care of our skin but we don’t really do that. There are some who are quite rough with soap on their faces while washing because they think they are properly removing dirt. In reality, they are only roughening up the softness of their skin. There are others who would use lotion at odd times of the day before washing up to make their skin less dry while all they would be doing is accumulating the sticky substance with the oil and dirt on their faces, probably creating pimples somewhere. To deal with the skin, one has to understand the skin better, to know what it is made of and what it contains and what functions those things performs so that we do not obstruct it.


What Are Skin Pores?

When we look at the skin, all we see is a single sheet that spreads all over our body. This is not the case. The skin is in fact made of small pores which are responsible for a lot of functions of the body. They are present everywhere on the skin but in some areas the number of pores would be more while in the others they are relatively less. The face contains a normal amount of skin pores. It depends on the person really. At times there are people who would have such large skin pores that they would be perfectly visible to the naked eye. Skin pores are an essential part of the human living process. Without them, the body would be in a lot of trouble and would have to find several other ways to perform vital functions for its survival.


Function Of Skin pores

Skin pores have a lot of functions. They are not just simple holes in the body but they have various duties to perform so that we can live a normal life. You’ll see just how important they are.
• Our pores release sweat onto the skin which is a mechanism used for heat loss by the body. There are sweat glands present underneath the skin and when the body gets too warm and needs to release the heat, sweat is produced which is given out through the pores onto the skin surface. The sweat is then evaporated from the surface so that the body’s temperature can be maintained. If there is some abnormality present and the person is unable to perspire, it can even be life threatening in some conditions.

• There are also sebaceous glands underneath the skin. These glands secrete a substance called sebum onto the skin which is the oil that we see on the skin in certain weather conditions. It helps keep the skin from being too dry but too much sebum can also heighten the chance of accumulation of dirt and bacteria which can easily lead to skin conditions. The sebum is also used for temperature regulation, like sweat. The layer of oil that is not the skin insulates and heat loss is somewhat diminished. This is why in winters; our skin becomes oily more quickly than in other weather conditions.


A Fact About Skin Pores

Every individual has a different skin pore size. It is hereditary. People often think that their skin pore size can be changed by different products but this is not the case. Skin pores are at times enlarged. A friend of mine went to get her facial done and received too much heat on her face. It opened up her skin pores quite more than necessary and they became permanently like that. Before, you couldn’t see the pores on her skin but now they are quite visible. It is best to be careful with them.


How Do Skin Pores Become Clogged Or Blocked?

Skin pores have two vital functions to perform which we read above. The release of perspiration and sebum are both important. What happens at times it that we forget to clean up after a lot of sweat and sebum has been produced. This can easily lead to blockage of the pores or ‘clogged’ pores.


What Happens If Skin Pores Become Clogged Or Blocked?

Skin conditions can arise. As the pores of that particular area are blocked or clogged, pimples can be formed there. Inflammation also occurs and small bumps appear as well. Needless to say, clogged pores should not happen!



The small holes on our body may not be visible (on some people) but they have vital functions to perform. It is best to take care of them. Clogged pores can even lead to acne and we all know for certain how terrible that can be. It is best to clean the skin gently and if it feels too oily or too sweaty for a long time, it is best to wash up as soon as possible.


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