Finding the best acne solution

An evidence based approach


While acne is not a serious health threat or fatal disease, it sure is a serious “cosmetic” threat to your beauty and, in fact, can make your life miserable by causing permanent scars and marks on your face. If not addressed properly, for many people, acne problems can continue all throughout their life well into adulthood, even though they were told as teens that they would “outgrow” it.

Unlike the odd pimple or blemish, which clears after several days, acne is a chronic skin condition i.e. it may persist for long term (or even permanently) and develops slowly, progressively over the period of time.

Defining acne: Acne can be defined simply as “an inflammatory skin disorder”. The pimples, the redness, the infections, are all visible signs of skin that is inflamed or highly irritated.

Stages of acne

There are various terms that describe different forms of acne, such as comedones, papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

There are basically three stages or degree or levels of severity:

1-    Mild acne: Mild acne consists of a few lesions that are close to the surface and not deep or inflamed.

2-    Moderate acne: This stage is marked by deeper nodular lesions that cover more of the face, and some redness.

3-    Severe acne: Severe acne involves many lesions, multiple cysts, lots of redness and inflammation over most of the face. When severe, it often results in scarring. Squeezing or popping pimples forces the oil and bacteria into deeper layers of skin and can cause cystic acne and scarring


Sites for acne

Acne affects the face in 99% of cases. Other, less affected sites are back, neck, buttocks and even arms.

Qualities of an ideal acne solution

In the light of the above-listed sites, signs and symptoms and stages / grades of acne, skin specialists suggest that an ideal acne solution must have the following qualities or features:

Easily applicable at all acne sites: An ideal acne solution must be easily and topically (locally) applicable to all the acne-affected sites of the body particularly face, neck, arms and shoulders. In addition, it must not produce and allergy or hypersensitivity reactions after application and should be free from any irritants.


Suitable for all acne types and grades: Indeed, a perfectly curative and controlling acne and skin care solution will not be known as “perfect” until and unless it has a capability and capacity to address, encounter and target with all types of skin lesions related with acne including nodules, papules, pustules, cysts and scars.


Strong moisturizing action: Moisture is critical to good skin health in acne because it helps maintain a good skin barrier and creates a flexible, pliable skin that is soft to touch. Moist skin will tan better and more evenly. An optimal acne solution acts as good moisturizer and helps replace the vitamins your skin needs. It may anti-oxidants, multi vitamins, minerals and other important skin-replenishing elements. In true sense, it will not only add moisture to the skin, but will also add some oils (natural lubrication) to the skin. After all, people with severe dry skin require a moisturizer with more oils than a person with slightly dry skin.


Hydrating effect: Preventing excessive water loss is exceptionally important to the skin’s health and appearance in acne. An ideal acne solution deeply hydrates, firms and protects human skin especially in acne when your dry or oily skin needs hydration more than ever. Complementing each other, all components of such an ideal acne solution support optimum hydration and moisture balance in acne.


Cleansing action: Acne therapy is always incomplete without a potent cleaning and clearing action that will leave skin stronger, smoother and delicate. The special formulation in such an acne solution with natural protective agents is an effective care to reduce fine lines, blemishes, blackheads and pus-filled cysts.


Protection: The synthetic and / or natural ingredients of the best acne solution strengthen the skin’s resistance to external hazards, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and sunlight.  It should  also be the best solution to reduce signs of aging around your eyes and must also protect skin against environmental stresses while boosting skin’s own resilience.


Disinfection: Finally, one should never forget the role of infectious microorganisms in the aggravation of acne. Accordingly, a recommended acne solution also helps your acne-prone skin to repair while you sleep. Its special composition should let your skin visibly recover from daily damage induced by acne, UV radiation and aging. Some of its ingredients, in particular, must act as a natural “antibiotic” against infection and inflammation, ensuring a faster recovery and smooth healing. That’s how it will also prevent any formation of cysts as a result of any future acne attack.


Some of the recommended skin care and anti-acne solutions

Before you are the best acne treatments:

Exposed Skin Care: Exposed Skin Care is one of the best-selling and well known acne treatment systems that will clear up unwanted blemishes, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, redness and skin dryness in as little as two weeks. Exposed Skin Care reportedly targets all types and stages of acne including late onset acne, leaving your skin feeling softer and younger looking without irritation. Because of its effective and safety, Exposed Skin Care currently holds the number one spot in skin care and is being called the most effective skin care solution out on the market today.


ZenMed: ZenMed brand is composed of completely natural ingredients. So, you need not worry about any side effects. The system works to treat acne with a dual method. Impurities and imbalances inside the body are the two reasons that causes acne, which are treated by ZenMed derma cleanse system. Hence, while the cream and gel by ZenMed are used to treat the symptoms that appear on the skin, herbal capsules included in the derma system treat acnes internally by correcting the imbalances or the source that created the problem.


ClearPores: If you are looking for a complete acne recovery system, which could fight acne from the inside out and with no risk of side effects, ClearPores can surely be your best and safest choice. ClearPores is a complete and comprehensive skin care anti-acne system that plumps and smoothes the skin in acne, and, more importantly, reinforces the natural protection of your skin and, thus, allows the skin to concentrate on its functions rather than responding to pimples and papules reactions brought about by bacteria and inflammation in acne. With regular, consistent and continuous use of ClearPores, your skin becomes smoother, outbreaks lessen and it gains a calmer appearance and all without the risk of invasive or harsh treatments.