Do you find that your acne worsens with increased stress? When you face stressful situations at work, does the stress manifest itself as acne breakouts? For quite some time, dermatologists have debated whether there’s a connection between stress and acne. Although it’s a fact that your family’s acne history can affect your likelihood of acne problems, many doctors are now conceding that acne problems can be caused by factors such as high stress or a bad diet.


Everyone knows that stress can negatively affect the immune system. With any type of illness, increased stress can make your condition much worse, or prolong the recovery time normally associated with the illness.


The larger amount of hormones that are caused by increased stress levels is the real culprit here. With male hormones, especially, the sebaceous gland can be greatly affected. The body generates too much sebum, which clogs pores, when the gland becomes overactive. This leads to a greater likelihood of acne problems.


Stress can not only worsen acne problems, but also make your skin look worse in general. High levels of stress not only increase sebum production, but also cause cortisol to be produced by the adrenal glands. This cortisol goes to the sebaceous gland and increases oil levels in the skin.

How to Fight the Stress Affects of Acne


Whether you’re currently using medications to treat your acne or not, you can still make your skin look better by reducing your stress level. Here are some ways to help lower your stress, so you can fight acne. If you follow these guidelines, you will help suppress your acne problems as well as improve your health.


• One of the best ways to eliminate stress is by exercising. With a relatively small time investment, you can lower your anxiety through exercise. Sadly, many people see exercise as an unpleasant experience. If you can change your negative impressions of exercise, you’ll thank yourself when you’ve started to engage in regular, healthy activity.


• Excess caffeine can raise your stress levels as well. If you minimize your consumption of stimulants such as soda, coffee and tea, you can help calm your body down and prevent side effects, like headaches or higher heart rates.


• Keep an eye on your diet, and consume a lot of healthy, natural foods. You can have a great impact on your body’s health by choosing a diet with the right amount of fruits and vegetables. A lot of people take in large quantities of sugar and processed foods regularly. Doing this can cause stress, as well as behavioral problems. This is particularly true of teenagers who tend to be on a diet rich in processed foods. If you improve your diet, you can also improve your acne and overall health.


• Spend time outside every day. Even a little bit of time spent outside can have great effects on your body’s health. Vitamin D can be increased by exposure to sunlight, which in turn will give you healthier skin. You can get some time outside with a simple change like a short walk every day.


Traditional and alternative treatments for acne are widely available today, but whichever type of acne treatment you choose, simply consciously working towards reducing the amount of stress you experience on a daily basis can do wonders for your skin.



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