Introduction and background

Old wives tales and mother’s home remedies are two things everyone ceases to believe in any more.  With all the advancements and brand names available, nobody would think twice about using a recipe or a remedy that has been passed on generation to generation just because it does not mix in with the latest trends. After all, who would use something made so long ago when medicine, science and technology have developed so further and so fast. Even with all that, you’d be surprised how effective and helpful these remedies are; how some of them work even better than the best dermatological approved skin care product.


Advantages of using Home Remedies

If one thinks about it rationally, there can be nothing better than home remedies. Here’s why:
• You actually know what things you are putting on your face and how they have been mixed into a paste or any other form you are using.
• They are entirely natural with no added chemicals or preservatives of any sort.
• They have not been tested on animals!
• When you apply it fresh, you make it fresh. It does not come from any tube or bottle that has been around for days.
• Home remedies basically have natural ingredients and elements and minerals which come in mighty use for healthy skin.
• They are inexpensive. Actually, they cost you nothing if you make them entirely from things lying around the house.
• They have no side effects.

Some Home Remedies for Skin Types

Home remedies are not just for healthy and glowing skin. There are also remedies available for different skin types and how to deal with that. Here are some examples:


Dull Skin

You’ll need a half ounce organic apple cider, about three ounces of mineral water and five plain aspirin tablets. Mix the organic apple cider and the mineral water to form a dilute solution and then crush the aspirin tablets before mixing it into the solution. Apply gently on face whenever the skin starts feeling or looking dull.
Oily Skin

For the oily skin paste, you need one avocado, a half tea spoon of lemon juice and an egg white (no yolk). Combine everything into a thick paste and mix everything carefully. After you’ve applied the paste to the skin, wait for it to dry. Only when it has dried that you should carefully remove it with cold water.
Dry Skin

This is the easiest home remedy to make. The others are also easy but this is less time consuming. Just mix together two tablespoons of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of baby oil. Wherever your skin is feeling dry, not just the face but around the body whether it is the neck or the arms, apply carefully. About twenty minutes later, rinse it off with cool water for best results.


Acne Scars

The ingredients you need for this particular paste is about four teaspoon lemon juice, three teaspoons of plain yoghurt, four tablespoons of honey and one egg white. Slowly massage the paste on to your skin where there is acne and let it be there for fifteen minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water after the allotted time.
Acne is a terrible skin condition. Since it is the most prevalent, it is the most feared. Many teenagers and adults try endlessly to get rid of their acne somehow. The above remedy is a good one to cure it. There are other treatments available too though. There is the herbal treatment of acne which is pretty effective as well. It is inexpensive too. Sometimes there are different kinds of creams available for different stages of acne. The herbal supplements are not like that. They are made from the ingredients of nature and can deal with any stage of acne, whether it is mild or severe.



Do not be afraid to try out home remedies. As you can see, there aren’t any remedies which have any strange or harmful ingredients. And many people have used them and have given good feedback. Just because they are old does not mean they aren’t gold. And even if you still are hesitant about using them, herbal treatment method are always there for you.




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