Introduction And Background

This topic might confuse you all a little because no one would have thought that frequent baths or showers can help control acne. In the first place, all are pretty skeptic about the fact whether there is a cure for acne at all. They work aimlessly at curing techniques without believing in it but the fact is, acne can be cured. But here, we will discuss more about controlling acne rather than curing it even though they are more or less the same thing.


Acne And Cleanliness

Everyone knows that bacteria and germs cause trouble to the skin. They are sometimes the reason for getting acne. There are several reasons behind getting acne and hormonal changes is one of them but many doctors believe that people do not really take good care of themselves during the puberty stages which is why they get acne. Cleanliness is important but one has to know the limits to cleanliness as well. There is no point in washing your face many times a day because that could also prove to be utterly disastrous. It will make your skin dry and irk and you’ll end up scratching your face and making the acne worse. Stay clean, but do not overdo it.


Frequent Showers And Acne

Frequent showers are not a bad thing when you have acne. They do things that you might not have been aware of:
• They keep your body temperature normal. A cold shower or a warm shower, depending on the weather of the environment, will help in keeping your temperature fine which will have a positive effect on your skin and help control and regulate the acne if not heal it entirely.
• Frequent showers also relieve you of the stress and calm and relax you. Everyone knows that being under stress aggravates the acne and can make the condition worse. With frequent showering, there is a chance that you’ll sleep better and also stay clean.
• They get rid of the germs and bacteria from your entire body, not just a part of it. This also helps in ensuring that germs from the rest of the areas do not travel to the acne ridden patches.


Being Careful While Showering

A lot of frequent showering may be advantageous but they also have a few disadvantages as well. These disadvantages can be overlooked if a person is careful enough. Do not scrub your body a lot unnecessarily if you are planning to shower more than once a day. There will come a time when it will not only get rid of the dead skin cells but also make your skin dry. The reason that so much stress is being placed on not getting dry skin is that it can very easily aggravate the acne. In order to help control it, do not scrub the body violently or use a lot of soap or body washes. Once is enough but if showering more than once, just the water sequence or a little application of gels is fine.

Regulation Of Acne Sets You On The Path To Recovery

To heal the condition of acne, one must learn to control and regulate it first. The bad side of acne is, it can easily spread. It gets worse due to little things and it is tough on the person because he or she feels that their skin is beyond repair now. One must first learn to regulate the acne and control it so that it does not spread and slowly, it will start to heal as well. I’ll give you an example of myself. At the age of fifteen, I had the worst pimples developing on my forehead and pretty soon, they became a case of acne. I was depressed and terrified but I was sure that they would go away if I did the right things. I made sure that I kept myself clean, my diet improved considerably and I started taking care of my skin more and treating it delicately and nicely. In return, I got my skin back. It is not hard or tough to heal acne. You just have to learn to make it better and your body will do the rest.


Does Bathing Control Acne?

If by bathing you mean lying down in the tub for long and helping yourself to a relaxing time, it does soothe and calm your body but at times it also helps in getting rid of the important oils of the body. However, bathing can control acne somewhat. It is not a big factor but it does help a little.



Acne is the worst, yes. No one can understand what acne ridden people are going through unless they themselves have it. However, it is best not to lose hope. There are ways in which acne can be regulated and showering (the right way, I might add) just happens to be one of them!


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