Introduction And Background

The word skin oil does not really give us a positive vibe. Why is that so? What is with skin oil that makes us want to have dry skin? Well…read on further to know but before we get to the topic, there are a few things about skin you should know. We already take good care of our skin but the fact remains that we try everything that has to do with the outside. We don’t really bother on the inside sometimes. Actually, most of the time. Hence, you will also get to know about things that will be good for your skin, things to eat which will give the strength and health that it needs from the inside!

Skin Oil
The oil on our skin is not actually called oil. The scientific name for the substance is actually sebum but since many of you are not science students or anything, we’ll stick to oil. Now, skin oil is not all bad. It may have some negative points but it has positive ones too. Skin oil is actually released by our glands underneath the topmost layer when it is required. It can be used for moisturizing, protection and various other things.

Does Skin Oil Cause Pimples?
Yes, it does. But, to say that skin oil causes pimples would be wrong. You have to understand how it works. But skin oil sometimes blocks the pores of the skin which does cause pimples. And bacteria also settle on skin oil which can easily lead to inflammation of the skin which brings about pimples in the end. Skin oil itself does not cause pimples but some of the actions it brings on causes pimples. You shouldn’t be afraid of skin oil as long as you keep the skin clean and make sure that the pores are not blocked.

Can The Pimples Caused By Skin Oil Be Removed?
The pimples which are formed due to skin oil are not different from any other form of pimples! Of course they can be removed! You have to follow the same format as you would do for any other pimple. A treatment has to be decided on and then followed. You also have to take better care of your skin.

Areas Where Skin Oil Is Found
Skin oil is found on various parts of the body but it is most commonly noticed on the skin. The T-zone is a word which is referred to a shape formed by the skin oil on the face. You must have heard the word countless times. Well, if you don’t know what it means you’re about to find out. The forehead and the nose if seen alone form a shape which is similar to that of the alphabet T. Simultaneously; it is also the area where skin oil is present the most. Thus, it is referred to as the T-zone. You might have even seen in some movies that women mostly apply their skin care products on the T-zone!

How To Avoid Pimples Caused By Skin Oil?
To avoid the pimples caused by skin oil, you have to keep a careful watch on that skin of yours to ensure that nothing causes a pimple breakout or even danger of acne. Now, in order for that to work there are certain steps you must follow and keep a check over.

  • Always make sure that your skin does not remain too oily for too long. This does not mean that you rush to the bathroom to wash your face every single time you feel your face go a little oily. Natural skin oil will obviously be there and it is fine but don’t go about for hours with it on your skin or don’t fall asleep without washing your face first. A lot of people do that and end up regretting it because they mostly wake up with a pimple forming on their forehead or their nose, or the T-zone if you want to talk in the skin caring lingo!
  • Ensure that you do not go to dirty or polluted places if your skin is getting too oily. Always carry a clean, wet napkin with you so as to wipe off any excessive oil you have on your face. This will help in ensuring that your pores do not get blocked and that no bacteria settle on your face.
  • Try not to moisturize your face too much if it is already oily. Many women still use creams even though their skin does not require it. Know what kind of skin type you have before applying any sort of beauty product.

Skin oil is not a bad thing. It keeps the skin moisturized and also helps to reduce wrinkles. However…there is the matter of the pimples. But after reading this article hopefully you’ll know how to deal with that!


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