Introduction And Background
When we get acne, we try our best to stay away from anything that can make it worse. It is general knowledge that sunlight is not good for the pimples, and scarring can occur if there is too much exposure towards the harmful UV radiation. This makes us shy away from the sun. But…there are other things we need to know about too. It is a necessity to know about things which can aggravate our acne because knowing what to do is as important as knowing what not to do! The question is…does obesity aggravate acne? Read on further to know the answer to this question.

The Link Between Obesity And Acne
To understand the link between obesity and acne, you must understand both these aspects differently first. Obesity is something that most of the world is facing a problem for nowadays. There are various diseases linked to it such as heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure problems, cholesterol problems to name a few. Acne is just another one of them. While it may be true that obese people generally have a glowing skin, their skin becomes more prone to acne with the increase in weight. The people who are obese eat a lot of fats and sugary foods that is not exactly good for the body. The insulin levels of the body rises, a hormone which controls the blood sugar level. Insulin resistance increases and this has a proven effect on the sebaceous glands of the body. The sebum secreted in excessive amounts can actually clog the pores which can further aggravate the acne. Inflammation also has a link with eating too much sugar, which is a classic habit of those who are obese. This also plays a role in aggravating the acne.

Does Obesity Aggravate Acne?
As you can see from the above paragraph, obesity does in fact aggravate acne. Obese people have a very unhealthy diet usually, if they are obese in the first place. This can lead to a lot of things such as hormonal imbalance, rise in body temperature and secretion of more sebum amongst other things. All these things play a huge part in aggravating acne or causing more pimples to form. If one is really serious about having better skin, eat fruits and vegetables and try exercising. Remain clean. This will certainly help to lose weight as well as keep acne away from any aggravation.

Is Weight Loss The Answer?
Losing weight for acne is not really the answer. Dieting would be pretty bad for the skin too or starving yourself because that is what people generally do. Dieting is not bad for acne but the way people start to do it without considering the health of the skin is what brings it down. The thing to do here is to start eating a healthy. An obese person has all the fats, carbs and sweets that he can possibly have. He needs to limit that and to start eating healthy.

Acne Scarring…
Acne scarring is the thing to be afraid of. Obesity does aggravate acne and it can easily lead to acne scarring if you are not careful enough. Acne can still be healed in time but acne scarring can sometimes take years to heal. People do not realize what a blessing their clear skin and pretty soon, they take advantage of the fact and forget to take care of it. They do not realize that their diet and their routine plays a huge part in the health of their skin.

To Take Care Of The Skin:
There are some things that one can instill in their daily routine so that their skin does not suffer in the long term. Here they are:

  • Try to drink as much water as you can. It is the liquid of life they say which is literally what it is. Water detoxifies the body and gives a healthy and pure glow to the skin. It can sometimes be the reason of why the acne is prevented.
  • Change your bed sheets once every week. We leave it there for months without changing and we forget that we spend a good eight hours in bed, maybe more, on a daily basis. Sleeping in a dirty area is really not good.
  • Try to eat vegetables and fruits as much as you can. They have vitamins and minerals and such trace elements that are required for the proper functioning and maintenance of a good skin.

If you are the perfect weight, do not become obese. As you can see, it causes a lot of problems, aggravating acne to be one. Sometimes, obesity is the reason behind acne in the first place. The link, you can clearly see. Hence, the answer to the question of obesity and acne…is yes.



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