Introduction And Background

The sad truth is that whenever one has acne, they are told to stay away from dairy products. It is true that dairy products can worsen or aggravate the acne or even be the cause of it in the first place. However, it is kind of tough to skip on diary altogether. Most of us are too used to the idea of having eggs for breakfast to skip it out. Others cannot let go of cheese. The rest are too involved in butter and other such substances to even think about removing that from their diet. And of course…there is the question of milk. Milk is considered a diary but it is not considered as one of the foods you should skip out. Does that mean milk can help heal acne scars?

Can Milk Help Heal Acne Scars?
Let’s get right to the question. Healing acne scars is not an easy thing to do. It takes a very long time, easily more than a year, to try and heal the scarring that has been created. Milk does not really help heal the acne scars directly but it can be proven to be helpful indirectly. To make it clearer, drinking milk will certainly not help you heal acne scars. This is true and cannot be changed. But using milk in home remedy pastes or just applying it generally in certain volumes to the skin can greatly minimize the acne scarring.

Why Is This So?
You might be wondering why drinking milk won’t do anything but applying it to the face is probably good? Well, milk contains certain hormones that are not really good for acne. They are believed to sometimes cause acne in the first place! This does not mean you let go of milk since it is a very important and daily element of life. However, having it during an acne breakout won’t really do much trouble for your skin but it will not heal it either. On the other hand, milk does have extremely important nutrients and applying it to the skin is refreshing for it as well as nourishing for it.

So Does Milk Cause Acne…?
In some cases, yes. Studies and research has shown that those children who drink a lot of milk are not entirely immune to having acne. In fact, their breakouts have been one of the worst ones possible. Drinking milk is not at all a bad entity, forcing again on this topic, but it is best to have it in intelligent amounts rather than having it all the time.

How Can Milk Heal Acne Scars?
As mentioned above, milk can heal acne scars by their nourishing and cleansing nature. A lot of home remedies use touches of milk in their paste. Some of them will even tell you to wash your face with milk! Milk is generally a good drink and can help in healing the acne scars from the outside rather than the inside.

Avoid Acne With Milk
Don’t get confused with the title, this will tell you how to avoid acne in milk. It doesn’t say that milk will help you avoid acne! Here are a few tips on how to avoid acne in your life while still keeping milk for balance.

  • Do not, in any circumstances, make yourself drink a lot of skimmed milk than the original healthy milk. Skimmed milk contains a lot of hormones and surveys have proven that those who drink it are more liable to acne breakouts.
  • Cow’s milk is not the only milk present in the world. Since the hormones in milk have been established as being the reasonable cause for acne breakouts, remember that there are other forms of milk available too which can give you what you want. And not drinking milk is not the end of the world too, you can take supplements to overcome any deficiency of calcium and other minerals. There is soy milk and almond milk too.
  • Try do drink fresh milk rather than drinking milk from the packaged items which might be days old for all you know. Fresh milk has entirely another effect on your health and skin is extremely good for you, even better for the skin.
  • Try to put milk in less amounts in tea, coffee and other such beverages. Drinking it in a pure form is better.

We all think that milk is a healthy drink and it is. Do not let the article confuse you on that fact. The only thing that milk has is the hormones which tend to cause acne breakouts in teenagers and even adults sometimes. Drinking milk is important, do not take that out of your life but as you can see, there are ways of minimizing the supposed risk of it.


  1. Yes, much research has been conducted in milk, diet and acne. Not everyone has the same issues, nor impact from consuming a particular item(s) in their diet, but for those that are impacted, the results can be severe both in relief and cause.

    Thanks for this informative post.


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