Introduction And Background

Every teenager or young adult probably wonder what they ever did that brought about terrible skin conditions such as acne. It is the worst thing that could happen to them, especially in the prime time of their lives when their appearance matters a lot to them. But instead of focusing entirely on curing their acne, they should also be aware of whatever caused it in the first place. It is equally important so as to make sure it doesn’t happen again and to inform those around them so that it doesn’t happen to them either, that is families and friends.

What Causes Acne?

There are many factors behind the outbreak of acne. Sometimes it is not entirely your fault and is a genetic cause. That means you inherited this condition from your parents or grandparents who most likely had it when they were the same age as well. But most of the time, it is your own fault because teenagers are known not to take care of their skin. They do not clean it properly, especially boys, and they do not eat the proper diet. They do not nourish their skin in any way so of course, acne is bound to appear when such a treatment is given. All these actions can lead to acne. But still, girls take better care of their skin. Then the question is why acne is more prevalent in their gender? Cosmetics and Make up is the reason behind this. Yes, Make Up does cause acne.


The Role Of Make Up In Causing Acne

Make Up is something that almost every girl in this world uses. Even some boys, especially in the fashion and movie industry, use Make Up quite often. This is one of the main reasons of why acne comes about. Here is why it does:
• Even if using Make Up proves not to be dangerous at times, the person makes it dangerous by not cleaning up properly afterwards. Most women put on their full party Make Up attire and then when they get home, they’re often so tired that they do not take enough time to get rid of all the chemicals they have put on their face. This overnight stay of these chemicals on the face can do a lot of damage to you, especially if they settle inside the pores of your skin or clog them which can also cause inflammation or pimples and often leads to acne. Sometimes, the chemicals have a mild reaction with the skin since they’ve been there for longer than they’re supposed to and destroy the smoothness of the skin, also leading to acne in worst case scenarios.
• Make Up is something foreign. Our body does not normally react well to foreign substances, especially if they’ve settled in layers on our skin. Most often than not, the body starts to protect itself against such foreign antigens and reacts in a manner which causes inflammation on the skin and pimples develop which can accumulate considerably to become acne.
• Make Up can also cause bacteria and dirt to settle more on your skin which can also lead to acne. And at times, the process of taking off make up which takes a lot of usage of soap and face washes can also roughen up the skin or dehydrate the skin which can also lead to an outbreak of acne but this does not happen very often. Mostly, the skin just roughens up.

How To Deal With Make Up Without Getting Acne?

There are a few things you can do to make sure you do not get acne, even if you are using Make Up. Make it a rule to use it for lesser periods of time. And make another rule to wash away the Make Up as soon as you get home and not leave it on for more time. Another thing you can do is spread a layer of lotion on your skin as a protective covering before you put on any Make Up. This also reduces chances of developing acne as your pores are somewhat protected this way.



Using Make Up too much is not a good thing. With all the chemicals present and mostly people do not even use good quality Make Up because it is too expensive. And then they get riddled with Acne. However, there are ways of curing acne. And using Natural Acne Kits is one of the best ones. It is a safe and effective way and unlike Make Up, it is made from all natural ingredients that will not only heal your skin but nourish it as well. They are not that expensive either and are one of the most reliable and safest ways of curing acne. So, in case you do use a lot of Make Up and cannot stop but fear that acne is about to string up, be sure to make Natural Acne Kits a priority.



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