Introduction And Background

Literally, the word acne can make the hair on the back of the neck stand. Every human being wants to look beautiful and they try to achieve the job by taking good care of their bodies, especially the facial area. However, they don’t really know how to take care of it despite their intentions being the best at heart. At times, in their obliviousness, they can make the condition of acne worse than it was before. There are numerous ways how it can happen even if what you are doing was to lessen the acne condition. Learn more about it, especially about face washes and acne.


Three Things To Know When You Have Acne

There are three things that a person with acne should know. These are the three golden rules to follow, you could say. They will help to ensure that the acne condition does not get worse. Although the rules are simple, you would be surprised how many people do not apply them and their acne condition worsens due to this cause.
1. Do not touch the acne ridden area. It is essential, vital to keep your hands away from that area of the face. The hands come into contact with every object around. You open doors with your hands go to the bathroom and use your hands and pick up things with it. Needless to say, the hands contain millions of bacteria. It could easily worsen the acne because of the germs and bacteria that can come into contact with the acne just because you have touched your face.
2. Do not apply a lot of make up to hide the acne. About ninety percent of the people do this without thinking twice about the damage they are doing to their skin. Their confidence level and self esteem drops and as a quick solution the problem, they turn to the use of cosmetics. Instead of doing all of this, they should think about what to do with the acne and research about ways to cure it.
3. Do not take stress about the acne, it will heal. Many make the condition worse by stressing about it. They think that there is no cure and there will always be spots on the face. This isn’t true. It will be tough to not stress about acne, especially if it is staring you in the face when you look at a mirror but try and calm the stress. It will only be better for your acne condition.


Does Face Wash Usage Help Cure Acne?

Face washes are the ultimate products when it comes to skin care. They are found in every bathroom and people even carry them around in case they are really worried about they skin. However, face wash usage should not be that frequent. Frequent face washing can help control acne but in some cases it can worsen the situation. Of course, you have to keep your skin clean but if a person uses face washes too frequently, it will dry out the skin which will irritate you more and might make you want to scratch your face further. This, as you would know, will make the acne condition really worse. So no, frequent face washing does not help control acne but can cause it to aggravate further.


Will Frequent Face Washing Damage Acne Further?

Yes, this is exactly what could happen if a person uses face washes a little too frequently. It is always good to use them but not more than twice a day. If it exceeds that, then there is a chance that you are drying out your skin of the oils as well which is not a good thing. You obviously know now that your skin can also become dry by doing this and we all know how troublesome and irksome dry skin makes us.


Are There Any Acne Friendly Face Washes?

Yes, there are. Acne friendly face washes are available in the market which keep your skin clean and also help cure your acne. They are usually recommended by the dermatologists to the patients who are concerned about their acne problems. Some of these face washes also do not harm your skin if you use them frequently but it is better to avoid it. Just keep the face clean. Too much face washing can be hazardous to health!



Fear of acne should not reach the heights it has been reaching in teenagers, young adults and even the older generation. Acne is pretty curable and there are only a few things one should know and the road to recovery is what we have. Do not use make up, do not even use face washes that much and keep the diet right for the skin.


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