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There are a lot of factors that can aggravate acne. If one has this terrible skin condition, they have to be really careful throughout until they make their acne better and even then they have to be on the lookout that it doesn’t break out again. A friend once stayed away from the sun for a week like a vampire just because her skin was very sensitive to it and she did not want to aggravate her acne by going out in the heat of July. However, there are many more factors that can affect acne, right in the atmosphere itself. Is air pollution one of them? If you’re curious enough, read on to find out the answers.

Does Air Pollution Aggravate Acne?
Let’s get down right to it. Does air pollution have the power to aggravate acne? Yes it does. There is a lot of research being done on the dangers and harmful effects of air pollution and how to take it down a notch and measure some control over it. People who have been living in environments where air pollution is a lot and is pretty common have complained that their skin takes the toll in these matters. It does aggravate acne; what’s more, it can even cause acne in the first place!

How Does Air Pollution Aggravate Acne?
Now that you know air pollution aggravates acne, you might be wondering how exactly it can affect our skin so much as to aggravate acne. The answer is simple. Think about it yourself, your skin is in contact with what thing constantly and all the time? Air. The air around you is in touch with your surfaces all the time as there is no vacuum present in our atmosphere. If the air is polluted and contains a lot of germs, bacteria and dirt particles think of what it can possibly do to your skin. Your skin is already suffering from acne, all of these substances might make it worse by causing some sort of allergic reaction or your skin might become even more irritable to the dirt around which can cause inflammatory responses. The bacteria in air can also settle and cause more pimples to form by blocking pores. This also aggravates the acne and causes an instant reaction for it to spread even further which no one really wants!

How Does Air Pollution Cause Acne?
All that is mentioned above can also cause acne. Think about it, something that can irritate your skin and cause further damage has the potential to damage in the first place. Air pollution can also cause acne by the same methods. The dirt or bacteria can settle in the pores of our skin and before you know it; our body is reacting to it by having an allergic reaction and what do you know, spots and pimples are formed.

How Can We Prevent Aggravation Of Acne By Air Pollution?
Aggravation of acne by air pollution can be prevented by for that you have to be very cautious. You should always wash your face after a few hours and not stick to the wash your face in the morning policy. It is necessary because if the air is polluted then it is a must that you keep your face clean at all times. Do not let it become too oily either because dirt and bacteria are more prone to settling on oilier skin that on a clean or dry skin. Another thing you can do is to avoid places which you know will have the most air pollution. For instance, do not walk in heavy traffic where there are car fumes involved as well. Do not pass by neighborhoods which you know are dirty as that is how bacteria spread. A clean environment is of utmost importance to your skin. Think about it yourself, sometimes people get acne just because they haven’t changed their sheets in some weeks. Their sheets can be the heavenly place for germs and bacteria and since they sleep on it for a good stretch at night, their skin is in contact and it can get affected. Now, the skin is constantly in contact with the air, think about that!

Air pollution can easily cause acne and it is up to you to do something about it. Whether or not you should let air pollution aggravate your acne is for you to decide. If you take preventive measures such as ensuring that your skin does not suffer at the hands of it, you can easily get through. But be aware that air pollution is not an easy thing to handle. At times you are not even certain whether the air is polluted or whether or not it can harm your skin. Always keep knowledge about the environments and atmosphere of your city.



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