Introduction And Background

Our skin cells die and regenerate for as long as we will. No one gets to have young skin all their life and this is the way it has been since the beginning of time. Well, plastic surgery could probably give you younger looking skin but we know that’s not really your skin. The only thing one can do is take care of their skin so that it looks a little younger from their actual age. I have aunt who is in her late fifties but her skin is still so fresh and supple that she doesn’t look a day above thirty five, forty at most. She says she did have acne in her teens and it took a toll on her in her early adult life but she made it better before things got worse and now, she’s got the looks she has worked at.

Acne And The Relation With Age
One will not really be able to understand the relation that acne has with age but if you know about three things, you will understand it more clearly. The relation of acne with age has been given in pointers below so that you can relate each point clearly and understand it too.

  • Our skin cells do not keep regenerating at the pace they started with all our life. When we grow older, the pace slows down considerably which is why it is difficult for our wounds to heal all of a sudden, we can see wrinkles forming and our skin becomes sallow and sags. If we’ve taken good care of our skin, chances are high that we have put this condition off a little. But the truth remains that our skin does grow old, which includes acne. Acne doesn’t really get worse with age or increase with age but it gets harder to heal with age. That is why people are afraid to get acne when they are well above thirty or they are afraid that their acne problems will get worse with age since their healing powers have gone on a decline.
  • Hormones become more stable with age. They are one of the major reasons of why teenagers get acne; due to their rapid changes in the hormonal system as they are facing puberty. But as one grows older, the body gradually becomes more stable. However, that does not mean that the acne problems will become stable too. If the damage has already been done, the stress also tends to harm more as we age. The acne could get worse due to that.
  • One of the things that changes as we grow older is that we become more conscious of our health and of our body, mostly of our skin. That plays a major part in the handling. We know more, we learn more and we start to take better care of ourselves. Our hygiene level improves too which makes an impact on our skin. Acne does not increase with age if one is careful about their skin.
  • With age, one might start to take some medication as well which could prove to have an adverse affect on the skin or maybe pimples or slight acne might be a side effect of the medicine. This way, acne could get worse if you already have it. If you don’t have acne, chances are you might develop a few pimples on the body which could either disappear because of how you handled the situation or they could either become a case of acne.

The Bottom Line Is…
The bottom line is that the only affect age has on acne is that it does not heal as quickly as it would do when you have acne at a younger age. Age does not increase acne unless there is some medical condition or a side effect of any kind of medication you are having. With all the above points, one can clearly see that it would be harder to heal acne but there is really nothing there that would increase acne. There are very few adults all over the world who would claim to have such a problem. The only factors that could possible increase are either social or environmental. Age does not really play a role in increasing acne. It can only be a hindrance in healing acne.

The answer of acne increasing because of age; kind of. There really is no yes or no answer to this question, as you can see above for your own self. The best thing you can do is to ensure that you purposefully do not do anything that could possibly aggravate the acne even further. And since you will be of age and more mature, chances are that you really will not.


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