Introduction And Background

Sometimes we are so concerned with our skin, we forget what to do about the healing process. For example, old people when they get sick do not think about getting better. All they think about is the disease that has taken them. Similar is the case with acne, God knows why. When someone, of any age, gets acne, they do not think about the healing but solely think about how acne has ruined their lives. Nevertheless, this article is about whether acne improves with age and what happens to one’s acne problems as they grow older and their skin matures even more.

The Skin
Before we get to the topic, we need to know more about the skin. The skin is not just one sheet or one layer. It may seem like that from the surface but it is in fact made up of three major layers. These three layers contain all the glands and the skin cells. Now, we all know that our body keeps regenerating, keeps forming new skin cells. This is the main reason why our pimples heal, our wounds soon stop showing after a while and why our skin never remains the same.

Does Acne Improve With Age?
Yes, acne definitely improves with age. As you can see one of the reasons written above, our skin constantly keeps regenerating and thus this is a major source of help in healing acne. We notice that acne does not always remain the same. As we grow older, it gets better and sometimes disappears completely if we are careful and take all the measures to make sure that it does.

Why Does Acne Improve With Age?
Acne improves with age due to different reasons. They are outlined below:

  • One of them has already been mentioned above. Due to regeneration of new skin cells, the old ones tend to heal. This is precisely why our skin never remains the same our entire life.
  • As we grow older, we have better control over our body. One of the major reasons of why we get acne in the first place is hormonal imbalance during puberty or even early adulthood. Once our body has maintained a certain balance, it tends to set things right and one of those things is acne.
  • Once we age, we become more mature too. As teenagers and young adults, we often tend to take advantage of the fact that we’re young and do not give our skin and body as much attention as it requires. Once we mature, we take better care of our skin and even have the incentives to buy skin care products which can heal our skin against acne. The hygiene level definitely improves!

Does Acne Scarring Improve With Age?
Understand the difference between acne and acne scarring. Acne can definitely improve with age and ninety percent of the time it does. This is one of the reasons why parents do not freak out as the kids do when they have acne; they know their kids are going to get better. Nevertheless, acne scarring is an entirely different thing. It is hard to improve acne scarring with age. Acne one can easily heal but acne scarring takes more time because your skin has been scarred in deeper depths and will take extra effort and time to heal. Age does not make it better because even if the skin does regenerate, it will not really make new layers, will it? Acne scarring tends to get a little better if we take immense care of the skin but other than that, it is really hard to heal it completely.

What Can One Do About Healing Acne Or Acne Scarring?
Whether it is acne or acne scarring, the healing processes are particularly the same. The first thing everyone should know is that their water intake should be enough. Detoxifying the body by drinking a lot of water is one of the major steps one can take to heal acne. You will notice that people who drink more than their usual share usually have flawless skin. Why is that so? It is because they do not let anything toxic harm their body. The other thing to remember is to keep the diet right. Eating the right kind of things such as fruits and vegetables which have all the elements to better skin will definitely make things better,

The bottom line is, acne does improve with age but acne scarring has minimal chances. No matter what age you are at, take good care of your skin. Make sure you do not have acne in the first place and if you do, do everything in your means to heal it. And remember, just the aging of skin does not improve acne. You have to make the extra effort too!


  1. my acne statred when i was about 9 and i statred using proactiv about 7 months ago and now i dont have any acne but you have to use it every day twice but it is definitly worth it! hope this helped!


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