A lot of teens find that dealing with acne is a daily chore. Unfortunately, it can be hard for young people to deal with how acne affects them on the inside. Young people can experience negative effects, such as being embarrassed, having low self-confidence, and lacking in self-esteem.


Then again, you may be past your teenage days, and still having trouble with acne. In this case, you likely have concerns about the cause of your acne. Although the majority of acne issues relate to teenagers, many adults struggle with problems and outbreaks as well.


Women experience these problems even more. While adult acne is just as frustrating as teenage acne, there may be different treatment methods for older people. Recently, there’s been more interest in the relation between hormones and acne, as adult women continue to experience more and more problems with acne.


Most women who have hormone-based acne issues usually don’t have them until they are deep into their twenties. Sadly, the acne problems can then continue all the way until menopause for some women.

If you happen to be plagued with adult acne, there are several options available to you for treating it. Keep in mind, however, that adult acne condition is different from person to person. Based on the severity of your adult acne problem, you may be prescribed any number of medications, including antibiotics and topical creams.


Another unconventional way that adult women can improve or get rid of adult acne problems is by taking birth control. Oral contraceptives can provide benefits besides simply preventing pregnancy. However, you should consult your doctor before taking them. While it is believed that osteoporosis and many types of cancer can be avoided by taking birth control pills, you may experience side effects.


Many women aren’t informed about how cleansing your skin can affect adult acne. It may seem like scrubbing your skin is the best treatment method, but it’s better to treat your skin gently. You can actually aggravate your skin with rough scrubbing. It’s better to use a mild cleansing product that reduces oils while being very gentle on the skin.


You should also take care when selecting cosmetic products. You don’t have to stop using makeup altogether, but it’s advisable to use noncomedogenic products whenever you can. The reason you should use noncomedogenic (or non-occlusive) makeup products is that they will not obstruct your pores, thus reducing the chances of further outbreaks. You may want to find products like these with moisturizing agents, if you have issues with dry or aging skin.


Although you can have healthier skin by getting some exposure to the sun or the outdoors, your skin may be more sensitive if you’re using certain acne ointments or medications. Using sunscreen that’s appropriate for you can help you to avoid getting sunburned.


While adults who experience acne issues after they reach the age of 30 may be embarrassed, they can find different options to treat their acne. There are so many options available that the most difficult part may be finding the best adult acne treatment product for you. The best way to decide is by consulting with a doctor or dermatologist. If you tackle your adult acne problem early on, you may decrease the likelihood of future issues and reduce the scope of your problem before it gets too far along.



  1. Great info! Acne treatment is easy with Ferulic Acid. Topical treatments that contain benzoyl peroxide or ferulic acid work best in treating this type of acne. Thanks.

  2. My adult acne was becoming embarrassing and frustrating. Dermalmd Blemish Serum worked quickly and I did not suffer any skin irritations from it either, because I have super sensitive skin. I love dermalmd blemish serum and recommend others use it as well.

  3. Well, I use to have terrible acne, it looked like red crusts all over my face and neck. Some pimples were very deep under the skin and use to make bumps that looked like cysts. After having tried many things stated on many sites including supposedly the best face wash known as proactiv, there were no positive results.

    If you want to get rid of it go to the dermotologist and talk to him about acutane. It is a capsule medisine and has some side effects like dry skin, and will cause your nose skin and lips to crack. When I used it, it used to be on the expensive side, in the sense that it is a lot of money to pay for a short treatment (took me 4 months) but I still think the amount of money I wasted on face washes and creams over many more years were a lot more expensive.

    Note Acutane should not be used for cases where there are just a few pimples, but do ask about it at a dermotologist. The stuff rocks.

  4. First of all, if it’s a serious prlboem then you should see a Dermotoligist. They can tell you for sure if it’s adult acne, or just a hold over from your younger days. Also, alot of young women make the mistake of try’in to cover acne with make up, which tends to make the prlboem even worse. If you wear make up, be sure to wash your face daily to cleans away the excess soo that your pores are open and the dirt and oil does’nt get trapped inside them. If the doctor says that it is Adult Acne, then he may prescribe a prescription cleanser for your face which will be stronger than anything you could by at the local drug store. But being watchful of things like make up and washing your face often can go along way. Good Luck.


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