Introduction and background

After having a hectic day out in the sun, what one wants for the skin? Obviously, something that soothes. Cucumber is all you need. A fruit that contains anti oxidants, vitamin C and rich in water content makes it best for your skin. Cucumber helps repair sunburn and frostbite as it contains vitamin C and caffeic acid. This wealth of cucumber makes it a natural component of external skin care products. Cucumber has number of advantages. For soothing puffy eyelids or to to give skin a glow, cucumber is recommended to use. Higher water concentration in cucumber that is approximately same as skin’s own hydration content, rejuvenates skin making it more youthful. This helps regulating and binding moisture content of skin keeping it supple. Eating cucumber maintains collagen fibers internally that make up skin flexibility. Vitamin C in cucumber boosts elasticity of skin. This is the reason you will find cucumber, if not all, in many skin-rejuvenating products. In addition, the ‘inside out’ approach cannot be neglected so eating cucumber has equal skin health benefits. It makes up for the hydration loss and keeps skin young and fresh. More favors that cucumbers do to your skin are discussed in this article.


Role as a Moisturizer

Cucumber juice when applied externally moisturizes skin. Its regular intake gives skin a youthful glow. Cucumber slices are also a part of daily homemade skin masks. These slices help smoothing skin and reducing black spots. Cucumber slices and juice refresh skin and control oil content in the skin thus preventing oily look for long. Cucumber as natural moisturizer is a blessing for dry and sunburned skin. Since cucumber contains a lot of water, this helps keeping skin fresh and relieving skin irritation when applied topically. Keeping dryness away cucumber lays acne at a distance.

Role as Suppleness Supporter

Cucumber contains vitamin C. The role of vitamin C in maintaining collagen fibers for skin firmness is well known. Collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin elasticity is continuously under environmental and other stresses. The damage in collagen fibers makes skin stiff and less flexible. In order to keep skin supple, collagen needs vitamin C to get stronger and healthier. Cucumber supplies vitamin C when taken both externally and internally. Cucumber makes your skin skin smooth and supple.

Role as a Coolant

What else could you expect of a body that contains approximately 90% water? It will putt fire off. Yes, this is what cucumber does to your skin. Cucumber helps skin irritation gone right after it is applied to sunburn or frostbitten skin. Everyone accepts its role as a coolant as it benefits all skin types. Cucumber as a cooling agent gives skin back its lost moisture and heals the damaged part by its healing effects.


Role as a Dark-Circle Remover

One common problem that makes you look tired and sick is dark-circle, and you wind up using different cosmetics to get rid of them. All dark-circle removing creams and lotions contain vitamin K as a major component. Fortunately, cucumber an effortlessly available fruit contains vitamin K, as a result helps erasing dark-circles under your eyes. Cucumber juice or slices nourishes skin and removes dark-circle when applied externally.
Role as a Cleanser and Healer
Packed with minerals like magnesium and vitamins like vitamin C, E and K, cucumber heals skin lacerations and scratch on the outer surface. Cleaning and cleansing smoothes skin and makes it softer. Vitamins and minerals in cucumber cleanse skin off from dirt and pollutants giving it a radiant and youthful glow. By removing damaged cell at the upper surface of skin helps exfoliation and making skin smoother.


Role as an Anti-Oxidant Agent

The water content, vitamin C and caffeic acid are natural anti-oxidant. Anti-oxidants protect skin against hazardous environmental agents that may cause skin damage. When skin is cosseted against these agents, pores remains clear and skin stays acne free.

Role as an Acne Combatant

Many studies prove that cucumber has some evident effect on skin sebum production hence acts as anti-acne agent. Cucumber juice combats acne by keeping skin pores clear and reducing sebum production. Keeping skin fresh and flexible, minerals and vitamins in cucumber helps skin to regenerate and open up clogged pores. This all contributes to a clearer skin. When sebum production is regulated and monitored, its accumulation underneath skin does not block pore and thus avoiding acne breakout.



Packed with necessary nutrients, cucumber can be a real delight to you skin. Maintain healthy, soft skin just by applying cucumber in any form pulp, juice or slices. Many cosmetics products like face packs, moisturizer, toners and face wash include cucumber as an essential ingredient. Do not deprive your skin of cucumber treat, keep it in your diet and apply it externally on your skin to make it radiant and soft.



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