Introduction And Background

No one really needs an introduction or a background of acne do they? Everyone knows what acne is, they know where it comes from. Almost everyone has had a firsthand experience of what acne really is. What people are unaware of mostly are the complications that can arise with acne. They treat it as a normal condition which can go away by itself untreated. Most deal with it as just puberty or an adolescence thing which will pass away with time. This is definitely not the way acne should be treated! It can get much worse and there will be consequences that one will have to live with for life in case a complication of acne arises!

What Are The Complications Of Acne?

The complications of acne are not many and they aren’t life threatening either but their effects are not entirely mild and serene. They can cause a lot of stress in a person’s life. They’re mentioned below:
• The most common and alarming complication that comes with acne is Acne Scarring. When someone has a severe form of acne and leaves it untreated or when blemishes burst and surround the skin around the acne hit area, acne scarring occurs. It can also happen if someone handles their pimples a lot or plays with them, causing them to burst before time or leave a permanent mark. A lot of people suffer from acne scarring, the marks and spots clearly visible. There are typically three types of acne scarring. Either the skin is given an uneven appearance with the tissue so badly damaged that is higher in some area and lower in others, either there are craters left in the skin where pimples used to be or either there are spots of old pimples.
• The other complication of acne is Discoloration of Skin. This is, at times, worse than acne scarring. It leaves a patch of skin where the acne used to be little differentiated from the rest of the skin. However, it only looks worse than acne scarring but treating it is fairly easy. With the proper medication and the proper fruits and vegetables, it won’t take much time before the discoloration goes away completely or is unnoticeable.
• The last complication that comes with acne which in ways is the worst of all is Depression and Low Self Esteem. When someone gets acne, they are not willing to go out in public or face anyone. They do not want to go to social gatherings and if they’re teenagers, they forever remain secluded and envious of all the other people in their school. Depression from acne is a very serious condition. It is often overlooked because people consider it a joke but most children suffer from a serious case of shyness and low self esteem that follow them well up to their adult lives. Unless they talk to someone about it and are able to overcome their acne problems, their personalities and childhood is severely affected.

Can These Complications Be Cured?

Complications are meant to be solved, yes? The answer to this question would be yes. Complications of acne are not very complicated. If detected at the right time and taken care of in the right way, they can disappear just like acne does. For acne scarring, one needs to be on a really good diet so that the skin gets all the nutrition to heal itself and bring back the original shape. For discoloration, the same thing goes but medication is also required to bring back the original color of the skin. As for depression, this can be easily cured by the proper counseling and understanding of the teenager.


Are There Any Life Threatening Complications?

No, acne is certainly not a life threatening disease and neither does it bring any life threatening complications. It is a skin condition which is pretty natural in a person’s life and if they’re careful, they probably won’t get it.


Complications arise with almost every condition. It is inevitable that there won’t be any side effect of some given disease or skin condition. However, the luckier part of acne is, their complications are not as complicated as other disease. They can be easily dealt with and won’t even trouble you much if you handle the situation in time. But do remember, if you do not pay much attention to these complications, it can get worse. Acne scarring is not an easy thing to get rid of. The healing process takes time. Discoloration might go away in some time but enduring it in the first place is difficult for a lot of people. And don’t even get me started on how horrible depression is, especially if it has to do with your face. Even if they’re not life threatening or pretty complicated, do not ignore these complications. Prevent them if you can.


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