Introduction And Background
When you go to a pharmacist, you see completely different products and everything is always medicinal. The sunscreen you might get is one that is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company and is approved by a dermatologist. A different thing happens when you walk into a beauty shop and the sunscreens you find there look far more glamorous and although they do not have a medical stamp on them, they are made by famous companies which give you all the more incentive to buy them. But have you ever wondered if the two were to be mixed up, what product would come out of it? Or maybe there is something like that out there and you don’t know about it!

Prescriptions Against Beauty Products
Sure, prescriptions make you feel safer and since they are from a doctor you do not question their effectiveness and validity. But prescriptions do not give the same soft aroma or touch that beauty products do. For example, if you are buying an antioxidant that a doctor has prescribed, it might do what you wanted for your skin but it does not give the same texture as a moisturizer would. Here is where the combination of the two kicks in and how they would be beneficial for the population for those who would want to use it.

Combining Moisturizers And Antioxidants
Moisturizers and antioxidants blended and mixed together is giving you the product that you always dreamed about. Haven’t you wondered why you ever had to use a different cream for the rash and a different cream for skin dryness? Wouldn’t it be better to just have one cream that battles with both the issues? The concept is becoming quite popular now and there are products that are available in the markets which are dermal approved by doctors and also have the beautifying essence that so many spend millions of dollars yearly on.

The Benefits Of Combing Moisturizers And Antioxidants
There are various benefits of combining the two. You might know the benefits yourself but here is a little information gathered that will show you just how good the two can work together:

  • Most of the problems we face for our skin is due to the pimples that form, the acne that develops and the redness and inflammation we have to deal with. All that can be fixed easily by combining an antioxidant with a moisturizer. The moisturizer keeps the water balance of the skin normalized and the antioxidant can fight with the inflammation that has occurred! The steps complement each other!
  • There is a good chance that you will have an anti-aging cream on your hands without even asking for it. Moisturizers mixed with antioxidants not only keep your skin from being dry (dry skin is the growing ground for wrinkles) but antioxidants also help keep up skin immunity and regeneration balance. Again, you are getting two out of one thing without even asking for it!
  • Sometimes you use only antioxidants and it does get rid of the acne and the pimples but it does nothing for the betterment of the texture of the skin. With the moisturizers now combined, this can lead to a force unlike any other for the development of better and brighter skin!

Do Not Be Afraid…
Do not be afraid to try it out. A lot of times many people do not consider trying out newly developed products in case something goes wrong on their skin. Firstly, you need to remember that all things have been tested and they will not be in the market if something ever proved to be wrong with them. The government is strict about that and even companies do not want to ruin their good name by selling a product which does more damage than good! Secondly, everyone would be in a lot of trouble if no one tried sunscreens when they first came in the market. Everyone would be going around having burned skin or probably an umbrella to protect from the rays of sunlight. Hence, the best thing is to not be afraid and try out new products. It might seem a little strange, combining moisturizers with antioxidants since you are used to buying them separately but you can see the benefits for yourself. You cannot deny that it is worth a try.

Have you thought about the fact that this might even save you a little money? Buying two products or buying one product which contains the essence of the two things, which can possibly cost more? The benefits for this particular product are growing. Do not be afraid and give it a try. Who knows, you might soon be telling yourself that the greatest gift you gave your skin was to combine moisturizers with antioxidants!




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