Acne is a multi-phase condition that needs a multi-component approach. Therefore, the best treatment for adult acne is a regimen that manages all aspects. Clear Skin Max is, therefore, a natural, mainly herbal-based multi-step, multi-phasic complete acne care and control system that not only successfully treats acne but also greatly helps in prevention of any future outbreaks.


clear skin max

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What are the Ingredients of Clear Skin Max?

Clear Skin Max is a recommended, time-tested herbal products that is chemical and toxin free. Clear Skin Max has at least six distinct Ingredients that are known to be safe for all types of skin including:

  • Vitamin E
  • Allantoin
  • Tea tree oil
  • Tava tea (herbal organic tea)
  • Algae extract
  • Witch hazel

In addition, Clear Skin Max also contains numerous active substances like anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, proteins, amino acids and enzymes which not only work on the skin but also on the digestive system (such as in the form of Tava Tea, a herbal organic tea component of Clear Skin Max).

All of these key Ingredients of Clear Skin Max have been tested on various skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin, and have been proven to be safe with no reported side effects.

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How does Clear Skin Max act?

Clear Skin Max is uniquely formulated with Tea Tree Oil, allantoin, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E and other special Ingredients to overcome acne and prevent the frequency of recurrence.

Research has shown that the active Ingredients within Clear Skin Max have the ability to help:

  • Regulate the flow of sebum production
  • Reduce the oiliness of the skin without dryness or scaliness
  • Eliminate blackheads and whiteheads
  • Calm, soothe and heal damaged skin and closed pores
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Prevent new acne from forming
  • Kill bacteria that cause acne infection

Clear Skin Max also supports the skin’s texture, also leaving an invisible therapeutic layer on the skin to provide a natural barrier against pollution and other environmental toxins for healthy and smooth skin.

We’ve tested the Best acne treatment products available on the market so you can make a decision on which acne product to use.

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What are the components (steps) of Clear Skin Max system?

Clear Skin Max is not just one acne product. It is actually a complete set or system of various products such as gels, oil, cream, lotion,, mask & even a oral green tea (Tava Tea). Clear Skin Max system is most effective when all of its products are used together and simultaneously as a natural skin care routine to help you maintain clean and healthy skin in acne.

Tea Tree Oil: A natural antibiotic against viruses, bacteria & fungi, eliminates the bacteria / viruses that cause / increase acne, this oil also acts as daily control cleansing gel, cleansing deep into your skin pore to disrupt the breakout causing union of oil and debris, leaving your skin fresh and clean without feeling tight or dry.

Skin softening gel: Consisting of algae Extract and Vitamin B3, this specialized gel prevents your skin from excessive dryness by keeping it hydrated, moisturized and soft. Remember, in acne, you need to treat your “too oily skin” in such a way that it does not get too dry, either. The softening gel in Clear Skin Max has been scientifically proven to exert strong “moisturizing” action to prevent excessive skin irritation or dryness.

Acne vanisher mask: Primarily composed of allantoin, this vanisher mask soothes the skin and helps reduce the appearance of redness, also exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer skin. It is widely believed that allantoin helps regenerate and repair skin cells and also helps fight the free-radicals that damage the skin and accelerate the aging process.

Pore astringent lotion: A potent combination of witch hazel and allantoin penetrates the skin pores to eliminate most blemishes and also helps reduce the potential development of dark spots. Studies have shown that “witch hazel” (a key ingredient of this lotion) has strong “anti-oxidant” properties that help destroy “free radicals” in your skin and, hence, may have an “anti-aging” and “skin conditioning” role.

Acne treatment emergency: Acne Treatment Emergency is so called because it immediately reduces irritation, tenderness & redness and also has soothing properties with urgent action. It keeps your complexion calm and wrinkle free, calming angry red skin and managing the present oil levels, promoting a shine-free, clear complexion. Its special vitamin E soothes irritated skin and replenishes the natural antioxidant supply that is lost when your skin is fighting future breakouts. It also contains Squalene oil which has been reported to promote the much needed rapid healing and skin repair in acne-affected skin.

Tava Tea: Tava tea is a natural green tea containing powerful antioxidants that protect and help restore your skin’s natural resiliency to keep it looking healthy. As acne is an inflammatory skin disorder, presence of this “oral” (taken by mouth) component in Clear Skin Max system along with the above “locally applied” Ingredients is meant to address acne through all channels.

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Clear Skin Max – Features versus benefits




 1. Multi-component system You get complete control and cure for your acne regardless of the stage, severity or type
 2. Oral Tava Tea Presence of oral supplement, in addition to topical steps, endures rapid recovery and healing with full impact
 3. Prompt action Visible results in weeks
 4. 180-day Money back guarantee Longest ever money back guarantee ensures your financial protection and you don’t lose a penny


Watch Clear Skin MAX – Customer Testimonial

Acne Products Comparison Chart:

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Ranking#1 *Editor's Choice*#2#3#4#5
SCIENTIFIC ACTIVES & Skin Repairing Ingredients:
Benzoyl Peroxide Kills Acne Bacteria
Salicylic Acid Unclogs Pores
Glycolic Acid Renews Skin
Sulfur Dries Sebum
Azelaic Acid Normalizes Skin
NATURAL EXTRACTS Proven to Heal Skin:
Green Tea Kills Acne Bacteria
Passion Flower Reduces Inflammation
Aloe VeraSoothes Irritated Skin
Sage ExtractFights Free Radicals
Gotu-Kola Improves Skin Healing
Good For:
Normal Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin
Costumer Reviews
Price (60-day supply)$49.95$79.97$53.99$59.95$39.90
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Official Website Visit Exposed SiteVisit Zenmed SiteVisit ClearPores Site

The final verdict

Clear Skin Max can be your best choice to achieve and maintain clear, acne-free skin in a natural, safe way. Above, all Clear Skin Max is not just about clearing or cleaning your skin. It’s about how to provide the best moisture and protection to your skin. It has qualities that refresh and restore the firmness of the skin.  It helps diminish scars, blemishes, liver spots and wrinkles.

In a comprehensive survey of acne products, in which we examined which treatments on the market today answer the following three criteria:

[list style=”green-check-8″]

  • Contains the chemical compounds (treatment ingredient) known to medicine today and proven to prevent and cure acne.
  • Contains natural compounds known for their efficacy as natural cures for acne and as compounds that soothe the skin and give it a clean and fresh appearance.
  • Received the highest rating in the user reviews that we gathered.

[/list]We found that the product that is most efficient and most recommended for treating acne is: Exposed Skin Care


  1. I used Clear Skin Max for 1 month and it didn’t cure all my acne. every week i have the new acne.. poor me !!


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