Introduction and background

It isn’t so hard on choosing the right skin-care product. They are available over the internet and in normal stores as well. The criterion of selection is also not that different but it might vary because of gender, age or skin type. The article will help in clearing that out by giving guidelines.

Steps of choosing the right Product

Combination Therapy

Acne does not have a single phase only. It has multiple phases which require multiple treatments. So choosing a multi-step and multi-care acne kit gives great results. Other than that, they also ensure that the outbreak of acne does not happen again and prevent it rather successfully. In this therapy, sticking to one product is not the answer. There should be different kits to ensure the complete treatment of every phase that lingers. Different kinds of gels and oils and lotions to give the skin the therapy it so badly needs. A healthy skin is also developed this way.

Safe Therapy

This is really important. Just because you have a skin that is clear and free from all the impurities and scars that people with acne have does not mean you can revert to any therapy to make the skin more beautiful. It is important to also care about what you’re putting on the face. Sticking to natural treatments that have herbs and botanical ingredients is the best option because they do not make your skin dry out and there are no harmful chemicals in it either. It is effective as well as safe.


Since skin is the barrier and the organ that protects all barriers, it is necessary to protect it as well. Choosing a product that improves and increases the skin’s sustainability and resistance against impurities such as the germs, dirt and bacteria, is vital. You should also see that it reduces signs of ageing and helps in preventing wrinkles.

A little more specific help in choosing

You should know the importance of selecting the right kind of product for treating your acne. Dermatologists have also recommended that results-proven products should be used and knowing which will click with you is necessary. Here are more details that will really help in narrowing the perfect option for you.













Type of acne lesion



The commonest of acne lesions are your blackheads and whiteheads. Other than that, there are pustules and papules’ and then your cysts and nodules. A whole treatment process which will deal with all of these conditions is important.



Lucky for the, they are not attacked by acne as frequently or as severely as women. But nonetheless, they should also be careful in choosing the right product otherwise it could mean a lot of trouble for their skin lesions.


Grade of acne


Acne has many stages but they are commonly divided into only three. These three stages consist of the mild acne, the moderate acne and the severe acne. Ideally, one should know which acne to buy the product for but some are available which can deal with all at the same time.  

Again on a lucky streak perhaps, men do not get severe acne, speaking in general terms. They should get the products that deal with mild and moderate acne only.



Sites affected


Most people must have heard of the ‘T-Zone’. It is where acne strikes most often. The T zone is the forehead, nose the chin. Acne affects the neck and the back as well. Choosing a product that does not hinder daily activities and is feasible to apply on all these spots, then look nowhere else.



Here, there is a similarity between the men and the women because the sites affected of both are the same. Suggestively, their treatment pattern should also be the same; look for the product that can be applied easily without bothering you.




Vitamins are beneficial in normal daily life as well, not just to cure acne. However, since we’re talking about acne here, know that Vitamins such as A, B2, B3, B6 as well as C and E can prevent acne outbreaks! Be sure to see you’re your products contain these. Men should be more careful about these vitamins than women. Research has shown that deficiency in these vitamins will bring about a more severe form of acne and those who do not have it might develop acne.



Make up:


Labels having the words “nonacnegenic,” “noncomedogenic,” “oil free,” or “will not clog pores” are better to use.




Beware of creams and tonics that are not of a well known company and do not look good enough to use.


Price This condition does not disappear overnight. Women have to be very patient in treating this process because it takes a number of days. In this case, sticking to a treatment that does not empty your pockets would be wise. Since men are more worried about the price, they should definitely stick to a product that they can afford and which can heal their skin.

Recommended products




Research and analysis have brought everyone to one conclusion: These products are the best available.


1-    Exposed Skin Care

2-    ZenMed

3-    ClearPores


For once, exactly the same goes for men.


1-    Exposed Skin Care

2-    ZenMed

3-    ClearPores


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