Introduction And Background

There is a great variety of skin complexions present in the world. From the darkest shade of brown to the lightest of shade of pink, there are so many of them that you don’t even know what to call the different shades. However, to summarize the different tones there has been a division into two types of skin colors. There are the dark skinned people and then the light skinned people. The terms black and white won’t be used here because these are not the proper terms to describe the skin. But keep in mind, light skinned and dark skinned are colors. They are not complexions of the skin. Complexion is the different shade one has of their skin tone. For instance, there will be a rosy red complexion for someone who has fair skin while the other will have a pale complexion for someone who has the same skin color. Get it?

Light Skinned People

Of course, like every other factor in the body the skin color is also decided by the genes you have and is mostly inherited from both your parents. Fair parents will have a fair child while dark parents will have a dark child. I won’t get into the science of why this happens but just know that your skin color is inherited. Now we move on to the different complexions in light skinned people and what causes it.


• Pinkish Touch
There is the pinkish complexion that most fair skinned people have. This can be due to the amount of hemoglobin present in their system as well as the vasodilation of the arteries beneath the skin. Those who have a good diet will also have good skin and it’ll show on their face if it is pinker than it is pale.


• The Pale Touch
A lot of people has a somewhat yellow complexion. There are several causes behind this. Those who live in areas where it is cloudy all the time and they do not get to experience fresh air or the sunlight much will have a pale complexion. Their skin will be sallow looking and it will seem almost translucent at times. However, it can be made better by eating healthy nutrition and enjoying the outdoors when the sun is out.


• Tanned Touch
These people have a somewhat red skin, more on the brown side than the fair side. It mostly happens due to extensive exposure of the sun. The skin, whether it is fair, pink or pale, gets burnt underneath the sun due and becomes brown and coarse overtime. Mostly the sunburn is not permanent but if a lot of damage has been done then it is no longer a temporary skin tone.


Dark Skinned People
Dark skinned people have an advantage over light skinned people in the sense that their complexion rarely changes. Since they have dark skin, such as on the brown side or the black side, their complexion remains the same. If they get tanned, it does not show much on the skin. Sure, if they blush we see a red touch and if they’re sick, they do seem a little ‘pale’ but other than that, their complexion remains the same. It does not fluctuate as much as the complexion of light skinned people.


Is There Any Way Skin Complexion Can Be Changed?

Of course! There are numerous ways in which skin complexion can be changed. For instance, if you have the right diet and make sure that it has enough iron in it, you’ll see the change in your skin. It’ll be more on the pink side. Pale complexion can be changed too if you go out in the sun and give your skin the energy and freshness it wants. Exercise can also change complexion. After strenuous exercise, you often become red. This is due to the fast pumping of blood in the arteries and the flow of blood beneath the skin shows its effect. And yes, there is the use of cosmetics to even out the skin tones on the face. There is the blush on and the face powder but that is artificial. Changing skin complexion the right way is more beneficial and preferred.



There are various skin complexions, as I mentioned before. Someone will go to a party and get many compliments on how fresh they look while others will put on cosmetics to give life to their overall pale skin. Everyone has a skin type and everyone has a specific skin complexion. Find out what is yours and if you aren’t happy with it, work to change it. However, know that the original color of the skin cannot change. Be happy with that and enjoy the different tones that you can get by paying attention towards making your complexion better.



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