Acne is a problem that is dreaded by anyone and everyone and that is a reaction well justified to it, considering what acne is. Having weird looking pimples all over your face is not a sight that anyone would want to carry around with them. Our skin is one of the most valuable parts of our body and its protection is of utmost importance. Therefore scientists have been hard at work, trying to find a cure for acne. While no permanent solution or vaccination has yet been developed, there are several medicines available in the market that has proved to be very effective against acne. To really dig deeper into the matter, it is important that we truly understand the causes of the occurrence of acne. To be more specific, there is one particular cause that has been the topic of discussion on a lot of acne related forums and bringing its true impact into light is quite necessary. The issue that is being talked about here is depression. What role does depression play in the outbreak of acne and does it really cause acne itself? To answer that question, we have done extensive research and compiled a comprehensive answer for you. Read on to find out more.


To go further into other causes, we must be very clear about our knowledge of the basic reasons for the occurrence of acne. Only from these sources can we derive how any other causes of acne like depression may or may not be related. The reasons that are the most commonly known for causing acne are described below:

  • Hormonal Changes: We know very well that puberty is the time of life when the occurrence of acne is the most common. The reason why this happens is that since the body is developing, the sexual organs of the body also start maturing. This is a process that needs an abundance of a particular hormone androgen which is related to sexuality. As a result of that above-normal presence of androgen the body reacts and the result is an onslaught of acne.
  • Genetics: This is a very important reason as it pretty much guarantees the outbreak of acne. If one of your parents had acne when they were young then it is pretty much given that you will be having it too. Under rare cases when the person also takes excellent care of their skin, chances are that they can avoid it even if acne is genetically inherent for them.

Depression and its role in acne

While the causes above are nothing but how nature works, depression is a completely different story when it comes to studying the causes of acne. Induced unnaturally, it is actually found to have been able to significantly increase the chance of an outbreak of acne. The interesting thing is that the two are connected in a two-way bond. They both cause each other to grow. If a person is having acne, chances are high that he or she is a teenager and at that age, having a skin problem like this can be very depressing. Also when the person feels depressed, it leads to a worsening of acne since being depressed makes you lose all your motivation to take proper care of yourself. This lack of care can accelerate acne at a great rate and if you are already suffering from an outbreak, chances are that what used to whiteheads and pustules on your skin might actually turn into cysts. That is something that you definitely want to avoid.


Considering the above discussion, it can clearly be established that depression is a major reason for the worsening of acne. However, the main reasons for the outbreak of acne are only the ones mentioned in the beginning and depression alone cannot cause an outbreak of acne.


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