Introduction And Background
When one thinks about acne, one automatically has the feeling of fear of this skin condition. Almost everyone would hate any kind of symptom that is linked with acne. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and spots, one hates them all. And to  have them in a large number, especially around the face, is a nightmare. But when one thinks about acne, one only thinks about acne as a skin condition. Would anyone ever associate it with cancer? No. Would anyone ever think about acne during cancer? No. Both of the things are very different from each other and not many would think about one and then relate the other with it. So is there a link between cancer and acne? Find out in this article.

Can Acne Be Linked To Cancer?
Acne is a skin condition that scares the wits out of a the teenage population present but cancer is actually a life threatening disease that messes with the entire body and even death can be caused. The terms and events are not so drastic in acne. So can acne be linked to cancer? The link is there but not in the way that you might think. One has to go into the deeper levels to link acne with cancer but the link exists nonetheless. A lot of research has been placed into the issue. Read on further to see how acne can be linked to cancer.

How Is Acne Linked To Cancer?
Now that you know that there is a link between acne and cancer, you would want to know what the link actually is, yes. Cancer is actually is a disease in which there is an abnormal growth of cancer cells which overcome the normal cells and take all their energy which eventually leads to a person weakening or that part of the body being wasted which can lead to numerous problems, even death. One would never link acne with death. But…how are they linked then? Here is how:

  • Acne is actually a symptom of cancer. The people who have cancer will generally develop acne due to immune reactions occurring inside their body which can lead to pimple formation and inflammation around different areas of the body. You might have also noticed that people who undergo chemotherapy due to cancer also have developed acne due to all the radiations they have to face. So yes, acne is a symptom of cancer. Not an important symptom or one that identifies cancer but a symptom still.
  • Cancer can also be a symptom of acne but in a very different manner. Latest studies have revealed that acne might be playing a part in causing skin cancer. The oil that is clogged in the pores which leads to acne might be creating possibilities and chances of skin cancer to occur. There is not a lot of proof behind it and almost everyone is certain that acne can never be a major reason for causing cancer, the validity of the point still remains.
  • Some cancer patients also take steroid treatments and that can easily lead to cancer in the body. It is the same as undergoing chemotherapy. When the body undergoes so many changes that have to be so severely dealt with, the consequences are sometimes very visible on the skin. As mentioned before even, you might have seen acne being very common on cancer patients.
  • Cancer patients undergo a lot of emotional trauma and stress as well which can also lead to the growth of pimples which can lead to acne. This is again another link. One can have it through natural body symptoms as well, not only because of chemotherapy and medications or steroids that one is taking.

Not That Strong…
Even though the link is there, it is more a one sided link and is not that strong. Acne is a symptom of cancer but cancer has various other symptoms as well. As for acne causing cancer, there is still research going on about that so it is too soon to rely on that completely. However, as explained above, you can see all the ways in which acne can be linked to cancer, all types of cancer and not just skin cancer.

Do not be afraid if you have acne. You should take care of your skin and be on the fast track to finding the perfect treatment and acting on it but you do not need to live in fear of developing cancer. The chances of acne leading to cancer are next to zero, especially if you work hard to treating and curing your skin against acne in the first place. However, just know that acne is a symptom of cancer but the chances of it causing it are not high at all.


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