Introduction and Background

Acne is one of the horrible skin disorders that ever annoy people. It is horrible as it is sometimes very difficult to remove and of course, its feature on the skin is also looking terrible in some cases. Among other skin diseases acne is not infectious; however, it can be grown up across a wide tract of the skin and make the patient suffer much from it. Acne is disgustful for other reasons and one of them is not being disappeared with certain medication and treatment. As we are hearing now and then from experts that acne can be well controlled; but it cannot be well vanished within the shortest desired period. Normally, someone gets interested in knowing if acne is contagious or not because of its ugly features and distresses caused by it. We need some significant matters to consider for answering of this relevant question.


First we need to know why a particular disease turns out to be contagious and why one is not. To be contagious there is a need to transfer the germ into other’s body or organ. To get transferred there is a significant requirement of a media. Also the media has to be available in the environment. The more common the media is the faster the disease to transfer to others. The medium has to covey the germ effectively. If no substance can do it the germ cannot move and the disease associated with that germ cannot be contagious. In short the germ of the disease has to be passable from a person to other persons to be contagious. Suppose, in typhoid’s germ can be transferred from one to other by means of water and thus can easily be contagious. Also as a skin disease the germ of ringworm passes from a patient to other people easily and that is why; it is also contagious. However, acne cannot be transferred by any medium from a person to other persons. So, acne cannot be contagious anyway.

Actual reasons to believe that we are quite safe

Acne is caused by the activity of hormone which causes excessive sebum reproduction and the dead skin cells, bacteria, and sebum inflame a portion of skin and make acne occur. There is other reason why acne cannot occur by keeping touch of somebody who has acne already. The mechanism of acne happens underneath the epidermal level and an external touch cannot help it occur. If someone directly gets the germ of bacteria he/she might not have received acne to take place on the skin because there is still the need of excessive sebum, and available dead skin cells. As long as there is the shortage of these two agents the disease is far to reach someone’s skin.

What should we do?

Though acne is not contagious it is not easy to prevent this on every occasion. You can believe that it can happen to your skin at any of your age. But mostly it occurs when you are a teenager. Though your hormone at your distinct teenage period is responsible for this disease you have still something to do to prevent it. Less mental stress, proper and timely sleeping, sound digestive conditions, adequate rest etc can help you stay away from acne. Washing the face twice a day and keeping the surface of skin clean will help reduce the dead skin cells to be there. Consequently sebum will still look for availing adequate dead skin cells to occur acne.

Change of belief is required

Some people may have believed that acne is contagious and so they may stay away from people who have acne. It is their ignorance and there is no reason to catch acne by keeping touch with others. This conviction can lead someone to misunderstand and create a rude attitude to others. But, it is certain that acne never can be contagious even by means of the most miraculous way. So, none should be confused whether it is safe, being non contagious or not and wisely there should be no discrimination to look at people who have acne.

Since everything which makes the acne occurs cannot be passed. We can share our foods, our living places, and other sharable things with people who have acne. One of the most remarkable issue is that the patient of acne should be neat and clean because of not transferring the disease, but to keep own distresses being limited.


From the description above we can make the decision that acne is not a contagious and it cannot be contagious at all. Also acne is not occurred by external germs as most infectious diseases do. The germ of acne is self inhabitable bacteria which everyone may have on their skin. Also other two agents are produced from the body of the patient and those are sebum and dead skin cells. So, individuals are responsible to summon the disease and the mechanism is reproduced from the body itself. No belief should be there about acne if it is contagious or not; because with the depiction above we are certain about the fact that it is simply a non contagious disease.


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