We may not want to accept this but it is very much true that nowadays, our health is not as important to us as our looks are. We may not be spending every last penny on the top notch doctors to get ourselves treated but when it comes to skin care, we leave no expense. We spend loads and loads of money in finding the perfect beauty product or getting the best treatment. What we don’t realize is that when it comes to real sustained beauty, the inside elements of a person are just as much responsible for bringing out a beautiful skin as are the outside elements. While we may be spending millions on artificial products, what goes inside us is also of equal importance, specially the minerals. There are a number of different minerals that have some very important roles to play when it comes to taking care of the skin properly. In order to tell you about the importance of these minerals and to bring more awareness about what our insides should be like, we have gathered some useful information about these minerals and their role in the nurturing of the skin. Read on to find out more.


Iron is one of the most important minerals of all in our body. Iron is responsible for providing muscular strength to the body as it is responsible for the transportation of oxygen in hemoglobin. If that doesn’t happen then our bodies become weak and fatigued which causes the skin to become itchy and pale. The skin could also end up showing signs of split ends which would give a very unpleasant look to the person. Eating foods rich in iron is very important. Average daily iron requirement is 18 milligrams.


Zinc has a lot of important roles to play in the body. Some of these include supporting the immune system, balancing the levels of sugars and also the rate of metabolism. Zinc plays a very important role when it comes to repairing and curing of damaged skin. It plays a vital role in the healing process by accelerating it and making sure that any injured part of the skin doesn’t stay open for too long. It is also needed for protection against UV rays. The production of sebum, the most important bodily secretion for the skin is also controlled with the help of zinc. Daily recommended consumption of zinc is 8 milligrams.


When it comes to providing strength and fortification to the cells, silica plays a very vital role. It is one of the main components that are used in the making of collagen, a vital element in skin protection and growth. It provides the skin with the elasticity to help heal the wounds quickly. Without it, the skin would go stiff and prolong the healing process. It also provides strength to the blood vessels which in turn provide better flow of blood to all parts of the body, thus keeping the skin much more lively and hydrated.


Sulfur is found in quite sizeable quantities inside the body. Its presence is very vital in almost all functions of the body and it has also been used to treat all kinds of skin related problems for a very long time. When it comes to minimizing the skin pores or healing skin from places with scars or blemishes, or simply treating wrinkles on the skin, sulfur has proven to be a truly miraculous mineral with very noticeable and quick impact. It also helps in the production of collagen which delays the aging of the skin too. Daily intake of sulfur should be 800-900 milligrams.


The minerals mentioned above are only some of the countless types that are continuously working in our body to protect and nourish our skin. Consuming them daily in appropriate amounts is truly the best way to nurture your skin.

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