Introduction and background

Facial masks are skin care products. They serve to condition, clean or treat the skin. Depending upon the mask type, it may also add nutrients, absorb impurities, exfoliate, invigorate or moisturize your skin. After washing face properly with a suitable cleanser, masking is all your skin needs. Masking can do wonders to your skin. Facial masks help replenish your skin and make your complexion looks brighter and clear.

Benefits of a Face Mask

It is recommended to use any face mask once a week. Facial masks can be used easily. The rejuvenating effects they have on the skin make it youthful. Their regular use can be helpful in fighting back acne.  As for acne treatment, there are certain natural kits that actually contain facial masks as their  essential components. Making face masks part of weekly skin care increases skin’s health. Other than the apparent effects, facial mask helps to prevent premature skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines. Although good daily skin care is the basis of radiant skin, regular application of facial masks with active ingredients can boost your skin’s vitality.

Types of Facial Masks:

Despite having so many benefits for the skin, facial masks are not applied as frequently as cleansers and other products. The very reason for this ‘stay away’ behavior is the lack of knowledge about the type of mask to use. An over do of this product might lead to long term side effects; that’s another explanation for shunning it. However, finding appropriate type of mask for your skin is easier to know if your skin type is known to you. You want a mask that is going to fill the needs of your skin. Here are some tips for you to select the face mask according to skin type:

Mineral Masks:

These masks are muddy in nature and are the most ancient of masks used in history. Pictures and etchings from old Greek and Roman times depict the use of mud over face and body for skin treatment.

Muddy masks are rich in mineral that can be anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, removing oily substances and to inhibit worsen of acne. They help in making skin pores smaller. The mineral masks help in improving skin texture and are suitable for all skin type. People with dry skin are advised to apply with the addition of some moisturizing agent like milk.

Creamy Masks:

Here you can make up for any lose of moisture. With everyday activities, our face is exposed to the air and makeup we put on. These agents gradually absorb the moisture of our skin leaving it dull and dry. Humid, transparent and bright are the ingredients and strengths of creamy masks. Creamy facial masks are so good at providing moisture to the skin because it usually uses oil as its base ingredient.

Creamy facial masks usually require the help of some highly-absorbent and water-locking substances to be with some oily substances with high brightness, so as to help the skin to be visually full. The principle of applying creamy facial masks is just the same as using any moisturizing cream.

Jelly Masks:

Jelly facial masks appear better to other masks due to their appearance. The facial mask is allowed to spread on your face like jelly. When the facial mask becomes a thin film on the face, the skin will become tight slowly and the increased tension leads to a good stimulation to unfold the wrinkles. They are translucent as crystal and with the smell of fruits that stimulate both our taste and smell. It is the best to calm the skin after sun burn in summer. Its touch of coolness can definitely remove the heat within our skin as well.


Mounted Masks:

These masks are best for treating specific area of the face. You can modify the amount by your own needs. The use of mounted facial masks does not have the constraints of locations. Of course, its effectiveness is also very good. These masks are available in fixed sizes. This may occur as a disadvantage. The fitness of the mask to the face varies the effectiveness of skin care greatly, especially the cleaning effects. But this shortcoming can be reduced by massage, improving crop technology, upgrade foil material, and so on.



Mask is a rich meal in skin care products and a delight for facial skin. However, I would like to discuss some misuse associated with facial mask application.
• Applying it everyday leads to skin dryness and might result in breakout.
• Applying mask during bathing to save time is a bad practice.
• Masks should not be applied around eyes as skin around eyes is (1/4) of normal skin so require special care.
Using suitable facial mask once a week according to the skin type will give you healthy radiant skin. Don’t forget to nourish your skin with the food it needs.


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