Face Wash For Acne: Introduction And Background

When you have acne, you have to be careful with a lot of things and not just the treatment process. In fact, everything you do after that with your skin becomes part of the treatment process. How you wash your face (when you have acne), what you eat, what you put on your face, it all matters. Even the cream you use after showering or what you have used during the shower matters! Hence, knowing which face wash to use for acne is important and essential as well. It can very well treat the acne or cause it to stop or prevent a breakout in the first place. There are various face washes you can use and there are numerous companies which produce them but what you need to know about which face wash to use is what is in them. All face washes are good and made specifically for the specifics of the face but when you think of acne in the picture, you need to be even more specific. Read on further to know what you should look for in your face wash.

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It Should Be Medicated

Most doctors recommend a medicated face wash which is made specially for acne. There are many available in the market and most of them contain ingredients to fight acne such as benzoyl peroxide which can kill the bacteria that causes acne. Some contain azelaic acid which is pretty amazing in normalizing the skin and the skin pH. Glycolic acid also acts somewhat along the same lines. These synthetic ingredients can make for great ingredients in a face wash and it is something you should definitely look for before just picking something of the rack. Medicated acne face washes should also be kept a check over and you should do your research before buying one.

It May Be Natural

The face wash you select can be natural as well, it does not have to be medicated. There are many herbal and organic face washes present that contain only natural ingredients. Some prefer to go the natural way because of course, nature does have its way with the skin and most people like to sort things out without chemicals no matter how good for the skin they can be. Something that your face wash should definitely have is Aloe Vera. This is one item that is good for all skin types and not just acne. Aloe Vera has the ability to soothe the skin and has a healing prowess to it that you desperately need if the skin is ridden with acne. There is also passion flower extract that some face washes have and which you should think about because it reduces inflammation considerably.

It Can Be Both

The face wash you choose does not have to be purely synthetic and medicated or purely natural. It can be both and there are many which have an Aloe Vera extract or tea tree oil along with a touch of salicylic acid. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it makes the product much more powerful. Imagine that you are getting the touch of Aloe Vera but you are also getting the benefit of salicylic acid unclogging the pores of your skin and relieving you altogether from the trouble that is acne. Till now, there are no side effects to such a thing and you should actually look forward to choosing a face wash which contains both the ingredient types.

Face Washes To Use

Saying that there is a typical best face wash for acne is not exactly a logical thing to do because let’s face it, every skin type is different. Something that might suit you considerably and solve all your acne problems might not do anything for a friend of yours who is using the same product. You could have dry skin while your friend could have oily skin. You could have cystic acne while your friend just has a tiny breakout on the forehead. There are a million differences that your skin could have from another so saying that there is only one particular face wash to solve the problem would be improbable and highly unpractical. Here is a small list of face washes that you can consider to be amongst the best ones, or perhaps THE best face wash to use for yourself.

  • The Himalaya Clarina Anti Acne gel is one of the best solutions that you will ever encounter. It is made from natural ingredients mostly but does contain a touch of salicylic acid. Those who have used this product are very happy with the results and recommend it to almost everyone who is facing acne problems. It acts gently on the skin and does not make it too dry either, even after clearing the excessive oil away. It is perhaps the best in the market out there, if one speaks at a stretch.
  • The Body Wash has many face washes but the seaweed face wash is a terrific option for your oily skin, if you have one. It clears it up and keeps it clear for longer hours after washing the face. This means that less dirt will settle on the skin and the pores can become unclogged as well, leading to a better looking skin and probably on the path to acne free skin as well.
  • Neutrogena also has a range of face washes but oil free acne wash is a must try. It really give you the feel that it is doing something and you’ll feel the difference yourself when you look in the mirror.

So Not Just One..?

Any one of these can be suitable for you and this is not where the list ends really, it is just the top three in the list of options. The best face wash to use for your skin is the one that suits your skin. The only thing you have to make sure is that it is for acne and it does not irritate your skin so.


The conclusion made here is that there is no such thing as one best face wash. It all has to do about your skin type and what ticks.

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