Introduction And Background

The skin is the organ of the body people are most concerned about. And why shouldn’t they be? Living in a world where outer beauty is more important than inner beauty, the skin is bound to be the most important factor in everyone’s lives. It is the first thing people see and if you have good and fresh skin, it boosts your self confidence and even boosts your self esteem. In other words, you lead a better life. Thus, it is even more important to know about factors that benefit the skin. You’ll get to know about one of them now.


What Is Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is a nutritional component that is required by the body to assist in absorption of calcium and phosphates. They are pretty useful and proper growth and development cannot occur without this particular vitamin. The unusual thing about this vitamin that sets it apart from all other vitamins is that its deficiency is not usually fulfilled through food. The human body, actually the human skin, is capable of forming its own vitamin D with the help of sunlight. The processes behind it are not important, but just know that the skin takes advantage of the ultraviolet rays of the sunlight and produces its own vitamin D. For this, exposure of sunlight is extremely vital otherwise at times bones deform, skin looks pale and general good health is compromised.


How Does Vitamin D Benefit The Skin?

You’d think that since the skin basically produces vitamin D, it might as well be put to other use. However, even if it does do other things in the body that are more bones related, vitamin D highly benefits the skin. Here are some of them:
• Vitamin D has been known to reduce stress levels in the body as well as blood pressure levels which are quite beneficial to the skin because the effects of both of these also consist of affecting the skin, mostly with worry wrinkles and pale skin.
• It plays a huge role in benefiting the skin health. Vitamin D reduces the chance of having wrinkles and gives a softer skin.
• It also makes the skin more smooth and strong and since the skin is exposed to almost everything and has to be a good barrier, vitamin D ensures that it is.
• Vitamin D is also known for treating skin diseases, such as psoriasis. Most doctors often recommend even creams containing this vitamin if exposure to sunlight is not possible in cloudy areas.
• Vitamin D also plays a huge part in the growth of the cells of the skin. It can also help prevent any damage to the skin (as it makes the skin stronger) and helps overcome the factor of ageing.
• Vitamin D plays a role in hair growth too. It is safe to say that without this vitamin, a lot of things in our body would not grow and develop or be maintained properly, including the skin.
Why Are People Facing Vitamin D Deficiency Problems?
You’d think that with the sun being everywhere half the time of the day, it is not possible that people could be deficit of this vitamin. However, the deficiency is very much there, especially in cloudy areas where people do not get exposure to the sun at all. Their skin is sallow and pale and their bones have chances of deforming more quickly. This is actually scary and very dangerous. Bones can fracture easily like this and a lot of health problems are caused. Even people living in sunny areas are so absorbed in their work or other stuff that they stay indoors for days at a time, not getting the proper exposure to sunlight that they require.



How To Overcome This Deficiency?

There are many foods that contain Vitamin D. If, for some reason, exposure towards sunlight is not possible and your skin does not get the benefit it needs, there are certain foods that can overcome this deficiency. For instance, fish (salmon, sardines, tuna) can normalize your levels of vitamin D. There are vitamin D supplements available too which has become the trend in most areas to overcome their vitamin D deficiency. Oh, and have eggs for breakfast. They have vitamin D as well.


The conclusion to this tale is to keep you informed of the importance of vitamin D to the skin and to the overall health in general. The skin will suffer immensely without it and it is an injustice to yourself if you’re not aware or particular about getting this vitamin in your body through the most natural way; sunlight. Sunbathe frequently if you can and you will not have to face a pale, unhealthy looking. Instead, it’ll be glowing and healthy from the inside and outside.


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