Introduction and background

Most teenagers acknowledge it as more prevalent than the ‘common cold’; acne is a terrible skin condition that affects people worldwide. The thing with acne is, most people think it can never go away. They think that medicines cannot cure this condition. However, this is not a hundred percent accurate. Acne is treatable and can be prevented and if the condition has worsened, it can be made mild or can be made to disappear. All you have to do is figure out the right treatment for yourself. And this article will help you do that.


Categorization of treatments and medicines for Acne


1. Medical Therapy

This treatment comes about after the severity of the acne is determined. Medicine can be given by the doctor to be applied on the skin or taken orally. Some common medicines include retinoids which are used for curing blackheads but they are limited to that only. Then there are antimicrobials which are utilized in fighting skin bacteria (but they might irritate the skin). Antibiotic therapy is also a famous one but is generally used to combat severe acne. However, topical antibiotics like Benzamycin can deal with mild acne. Oral antibiotics like Tetracycline are also used by they have reported side effects.


2. OTC/ Non-prescription Medication

If your acne is not really severe, you do not have to go to a doctor. Over the counter medicines are available which usually consist of gels and creams that can bring about the results you want. Medical cleansers are also an option. Prescription by a doctor is not needed for these.


3. Surgical Treatment

Sometimes, the acne becomes so severe that it develops spots and scars on the face. In this case scenario, the doctor can advise surgical treatment where laser treatment can heal the scarred tissue and reduce the reddening of the skin. Dermabrasion is a common surgery which minimizes the intensity of the scars. Usually, the operation is only done once but if it is really worse than more than once can happen.


4. Natural Acne Kits

Another option to treat acne, which is for those who fear medicines and surgeries, is the natural treatment process. Natural Acne Kits are readily available and people can fix their acne problems staying right at home. Made from herbs and natural ingredients, it provides other benefits for the skin as well.

• Exposed Skin care

It is a remedy that is able to cure all sorts of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples to boast! Exposed Skin Care can cure all kinds of acne and also heals the scars that are caused by it. It acts as a natural cleanser as well by cleaning out the pores and gives a nourishing touch to the skin. The good thing about it is that once the acne is healed, it also ensures that it won’t turn back again.

• ZenMed

It is a mixture of herbal as well as synthetic medications and has been a successful methodology in treating acne over the years. It attacks the cause and also the effect brought about by the cause, healing it as a whole. It also prevents formation of more acne.

• Clear Pores

Pores of the skin are major parts that are affected when a person is suffering from acne. It is important to clear them up to make sure the condition does not worsen. In acne, pores are blocked and this blockage needs to be cleared up before it does more damage. This is where Clearpores come in. They remove the dead cells, clean up the oily sebum and the pus and remove the bacteria that has made a home in the pores. ClearPores is now in the top leagues of treatments because of the good results it brings and the number of good reviews it has achieved.


The ending

Believing there is no medical cure to acne is not the right way to deal with the situation. Even if it may be true, there are ways to make this condition better. Different treatment methods give good results and by using a safe and effective anti-acne treatment kit, your skin can be as new as a baby’s. Acne can really bring down your self esteem and self confidence and facing the world becomes difficult if your face is all scarred and bruised. However, there are many options available such as herbal treatments and other such stuff which can heal your face in no time. You won’t have to stay at home and wallow. Go out!



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