Introduction And Background

The ultimate cure for acne. No one has discovered it yet but I figured that if people have landed on planet Mars, we cannot be very far behind in finally finding it. There have been many treatment methods though and rightfully so. It is one of the major skin conditions which causes a lot of problems in people of all ages, especially the teenagers who are most prone to getting this condition. It lowers your self-esteem, makes you lose your confidence is often the source of the developing depression inside you. It would come as no surprise that people want the perfect treatment for acne. After all, who would want spots and scars on their face?

What Is Allopathic Medicine?
It is the basic form of medicine, the conventional medicine that everyone uses. You can get it from possibly all pharmaceuticals and it is the traditional medicine that doctors mostly recommend. The term ‘allopathic’ developed to counter the homeopathic medicine which did not work on the chemicals or the basis of allopathic medicines.

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Allopathic Medication For Acne
Allopathic medication is quite often used for acne. There are pills and dermal creams which are used to counter the effects of acne and to suppress their spreading. Sometimes, normal antibiotics are given and sometimes normal drugs are given to the one suffering from a case of acne. Allopathic medicines will treat the symptoms of acne and will probably calm down the blemishes and reduce the inflammation but keep in mind; they are not the permanent cure for acne.

Allopathic Medicines; Not The Long Term Solution
Acne is not a simple case to be dealt with overnight. The skin has actually been disfigured pretty badly if you have acne and it does not go away in a matter of a few days or a few hours. Treating acne is a long term process and one has to be really patient. This is why allopathic medicines are not the long term solution for acne. They can reduce and minimize the effects of acne for a period of time but they are far from curing or healing your skin back to normal. For a lot of years, people were using allopathic medicines to cure acne but recent research has shown that the resistance to the bacteria of acne by using allopathic medicines can actually aggravate it further after a certain amount of time. However, allopathic medicines are not entirely worthless. They can help in controlling the acne problem and they might even heal the skin of a person completely. Always remember that every skin type is different. Not everything will work for you and what will work for you might not work for someone else.

The Long Term Solution For Acne
Acne has to be dealt with pretty carefully. The solution might lie in medicines and creams which will affect the growth of acne but you also have to put in extra effort for healing your skin back to normal. These efforts include:

  • Keeping the right diet. It is necessary and absolutely essential that you have the healthiest possible foods which are amazingly good for the skin. Start eating fruits and vegetables if you do not already and try to keep your vitamins and minerals in check. The skin requires its nutrition. The nutrition will keep it balanced and healthy and will also make sure that it heals itself properly and quickly.
  • Drink a lot of water. A lot of people do not realize the importance of drinking water. They think a little water is enough to keep them alive. This might be true but a little water is not enough for good skin. The skin needs to be hydrated if one wants to look fresh and lively. And water also detoxifies the body which in turn detoxifies the skin and it helps to get rid of acne.
  • Try washing your face and maintain a good sense of hygiene. Teenagers often complain that their age group gets the most cases of acne. While the reason might be puberty and the hormonal changes that occur because of it, hygiene is also one of the reasons. Teenagers do not really know how to take care of their skin and are often careless about it which is why they get acne. If you are a teenager, try to remain clean and make sure your skin does not get too oily and sweaty for too long and if you are a parent, tell your kid to go clean up!

Acne does not have a single medicine pill that will make everything okay. Acne is a condition which has to be given extra care and attention so that it is on the right treatment process. And by treatment process, it does not only mean one thing. It means several things.


  1. i tried many alopathy meidcines for around one year,,but its not effective for me,,,now i am using ayurvedhic medicines ,,,is there any problem cause to skin by changing to ayurvedha??

  2. Hiee plz let me knw is the allopathic medicines is good for heeling pimples and its scars and holes.. Coz i just started it plz tell me shall i continue ..

  3. Please let me know so far in the medical term of allopathy treat for Pimples on the neck side and back side of bally are available or not. I am interested in Allopathy treatment only. Kindly give clear instructions where allopathy medicine will be available their contact telephone number and postal address at Hyderabad, Telangana State of India to my email id given above.


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