Introduction And Background

It is hard for small children to argue with their parents because they think they know everything. It goes both ways but sometimes it is more harmful for the child than it is for the parent because they do not realize the importance of things. Before I get into the parent child dilemma, I’ll get straight to the point. There are some elders and even some children in return who do not take skin conditions seriously. One of them is acne. Acne is a terrible skin condition and many people are aware of that but there are some who do not recognize the gravity of the situation. This article is for them.

Acne And Its Effects
Everyone should know this; no one grows out of acne overnight. There are a few parents who tell their complaining children that acne is just a phase they experience because their bodies are going through certain changes and while they could be right in some cases, it usually does not work that way. Teenagers can face acne up to adulthood and sometimes the acne scarring develops which can stay for life. Acne also ruins a person emotionally and mentally because having spots on your face is not exactly easy to live with, especially at such a trivial age. It destroys the confidence level completely and many have reported that the self-esteem level is just down the drain. It becomes hard to go out and face the public and with kids teasing other kids, it often leads to depression and mental thoughts of suicide! Acne should be taken seriously by all! The parents who think their children are just messing around should actually guide them on making acne disappear rather than ignoring their protests.

What Can Parents Do If Their Children Have Acne?
A lot! They can do a lot. Parents are basically the guardians that all children have. Parents need to teach their kids a few things and this is what they need to teach their children if they have acne:

  • Eat the right stuff. At a young age, we do not really know what is good for us and what isn’t. Eating burgers and pizzas everyday is what teenagers do and just talking about fruits and vegetables drives them crazy. Parents, especially mothers, need to force their children to eat the proper diet. If they do not agree then try giving them foods that they like which are healthy so that they do not resort to cheap fast food. No one is telling to give broccoli but if they like spinach or lettuce then let them have it!
  • Teach the children the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. They, again, do not think about the damage they are doing to their skin because they are children. The boys will especially not worry about the few pimples on their skin but it is the duty and right of the parents to teach him or her that they should observe cleanliness and that it will help get rid of their acne problem.
  • Do not let the child get under stress. The stress only creates more problems and the acne can actually get worse this way. Try to let the children know that acne will heal and that they should not let it worry them. It will actually speed up the healing process.
  • If the children aren’t taking the acne problem seriously, tell them to. No one wants scars or spots on their face their entire lifetime. Help kids to take this problem seriously.

Is Acne Life Threatening?
No! It is not life threatening at all and even if you do want the children to take it seriously, do not ever tell them that it is life threatening! Acne can be dangerous when the lesions turn into proper scars because it meddles with your esteem and emotions. Other than that, acne does not really cause any harm to the body.

Treatment Of Acne
Acne can be treated by different methods. There are dermal creams that are recommended by the doctor and then there are skin care products. There are also herbal supplements if you are looking to cure acne the natural way. The herbal supplements of curing acne not only have no side effects but they are also inexpensive and effective. But do not forget, along with taking the supplements or any other treatment method, it is necessary to take care of the skin and the diet.

Acne should be taken seriously. Children sometimes do not worry about it and parents also join them. This can actually lead to a lot of damage to the skin. It is good if both the parties are aware of the skin condition and how seriously it should be treated but if not, it is up to one of the parties to pull up their socks and do something, whether it is the parent or the child.



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