Acne product guide

Acne Product Guide – What to Look For…


When it comes to choosing a skin care, anti-acne product from drug store or online, the basic criteria are essentially the same. This criterion is based on two types of guidelines i.e. general guidelines that remain the same for both men and women and specific principles that may vary from person to persona and gender to gender. This article is intended to provide those guidelines in a clear and concise manner.

General guidelines for choosing an acne treatment

Choose a combination therapy

Acne is a multi-phase condition that needs a multi-component approach. Therefore, the best treatment for acne is a regimen that manages all aspects. Accordingly, you should choose a multi-step, multi-phasic complete acne care and control system that not only successfully treats acne but also greatly helps in prevention of any future outbreaks. In simple words, it should not be just one product. It should actually be a complete set or system of various products such as gels, oil, cream, lotion, mask & even a oral components. Such combination therapy most effective when all of its products are used together and simultaneously as a natural skin care routine to help you maintain clean and healthy skin in acne.

Choose a safe therapy

Having clear skin is not just being clean and hygienic. It actually means a living a whole new lifestyle full of nature, purity and neatness. It also means keeping yourself free of the severe undesirable side effects that harmful therapy may cause. Using natural, botanical acne treatment products that are free from harsh, drying ingredients is considered as one of the safe and most effective options to treat acne today.

Choose a “protective” therapy

In acne, often external germs such as viruses, bacteria and fungi are involved. You should, therefore, choose a product that contains ingredients to strengthen the skin’s resistance to external hazards, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and sunlight.  Your chosen product should also act as the best solution to reduce signs of aging around your eyes and should be able to protect skin against environmental stresses while boosting skin’s own resilience.

Specific guidelines for choosing an acne product

Type of acne lesionCommon types of acne lesions include blackheads, whiteheads, papules, pustules and, in more severe cases, cysts and nodules. Women need to choose a complete anti-acne system that will address all of these issues simultaneously.In men, degree of severity of acne seems to be less as compared to that present in women. However, ideally, they should also choose a product that will address all kinds of skin lesions caused by acne.
Grade of acne Acne can be divided into various stages or grades such as: Mild acne, moderate acne and sever acne. An ideal acne product will address all such grades or stages of acne.Most men are usually affected by mild to moderate acne and should, accordingly, choose the product.
Sites affectedWhile acne can affect a number of body parts and sites, it typically appears on the ‘T-Zone’ consisting of a forehead, nose and chin and then on the neck, at the back and on the shoulders. Your chosen acne product should have components that can be easily applied on all these sites without affecting your lifestyle or daily routine. The pattern of sites affected in men is not much different from that of women. Therefore, men should ideally go for a product that can be easily administered at all affected sites on daily basis.
Vitamins There are certain protective as well as refreshing vitamins that, if present in the acne care product, have been proved to be highly beneficial in the treatment of acne or prevention against its out breaks. Look for products that contain Vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, C & E.Similarly, scientific data has proved that the deficiency of these “acne vitamins” has been found to be closely linked with the “aggravation’ or increase in severity of acne attacks in men as well.
Make upUsing skin care products labelled “nonacnegenic,” “noncomedogenic,” “oil free,” or “will not clog pores” can help.
Avoid unauthentic face creams or oils and oil-based hair tonics.
PriceAcne is often a long-term illness and is not completely curable in few days. Therefore, women may need to choose and use a product that will turn out to be really economical and cost-effective in the long run.Price concerns men even more. They would naturally like to save money and choose a product that is affordable and economical.
Recommended productsIn the light of the above criteria and characteristics, our extensive research and comparative analyses reveals there recommended products based on users’ testimonials, scientific backing and expert reviews:
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2-    ZenMed

3-    ClearPores

As for men as well, our extensive research and comparative analyses reveals three recommended products based on users’ testimonials, scientific backing and expert reviews:
1-    Exposed Skin Care

2-    ZenMed

3-    ClearPores


Using a quality skin care and safe product is essential to skin health during acne treatment. Therefore, dermatologists (skin specialists) and naturopaths recommend using only advanced, results-oriented skincare products, formulated to help prevent and treat your skin’s problems. Exposed Skin Care, ZenMed & ClearPores are considered some of such high quality products that support and enhance acne recovery for radiant, vibrant and long-lasting results.