Introduction And Background

Only yesterday, my brother came up to me and started crying about his face. I wondered why a boy, only aged fourteen, was crying about certain pimples on his face. But then he whined about the probability that he would get acne and I understood his sentiments. No one wants acne. At first, it was only the females who would cry and moan about this condition but now the males are also as much concerned as their counter parts. And both have enough to worry about because acne does not only occur on the face (though it is least wanted there), it also occurs on the back of the neck, the shoulders, even the wrists and the forearms at times.

Acne On The Wrists And Forearms?
This might seem a bit unusual to you but only because it is. Acne is not at all common on the wrists or the forearms. In fact, I have never seen a case reporting of these sites of acne. However, just because I have not seen or maybe you have not seen it does not mean that it does not happen. Uncommon and rarely heard of, acne can sometimes develop on the wrists and the forearms as well. The reasons for this happening are different from acne developing on other body parts though.

Why Does Acne Come On The Wrists And The Forearms?
Since acne is not really common on the wrists and the forearms, what exactly can cause it to happen at such peculiar areas? Well, here are some reasons of why acne can form:

  • An allergic reaction. Allergic reactions can basically affect any part of the body. They can affect the face, the legs, the toes, the thighs, the arms, the neck, anywhere. An allergic reaction due to some medicine or even a plant can bring about pimples, cysts or nodules which can get aggravated further to become acne.
  • Frictional sites can also get acne. The wrist and the forearm are frictional sites. We wear items on the wrist and the forearm at times due to which a lot of germs can accumulate and in rare cases, this might become harmful and cause inflammation to occur. The inflammatory spots are, you guessed it, just the beginning of what could become acne.
  • There are some people whose hands (palms mostly) sweat a lot. The sweat can also be on their wrist. These people are also at a risk, a low risk though, of getting acne.
  • And itchy bump or a single rash on these areas can also be messed around with if you scratch a lot. This could aggravate the area and can cause acne.

These are the different reasons of why people can get acne on the wrists and the forearms. The other general reasons of why we can get acne on these areas are the same as why we can get acne on the face or the neck. If we are not careful and let the skin become too oily or too dry or do not take care of the little spots that can form, we will be in over our heads worrying about this skin conditions, just like my brother who was afraid his pimples would soon form a case of acne.

What Treatment Method Should Be Applied?
Whether it is acne on the face or acne on the wrists and the forearms, acne is still acne. You still have to deal with it the right and the safe way. There are many treatment methods that can be utilized easily. Visit a doctor and get some specific good dermal cream that can help you. You should also eat the right diet so that the healing process will be faster because acne is not an easy thing to shoo away. It takes time and a lot of patience. The skin does not get back to normal overnight. There are also herbal treatment methods available which are as good for the wrists and the forearms as they are for acne on the face. They do not have any side effects and are not that expensive either. In fact, most people are turning towards the herbal treatment methods because of the efficiency and reliability of it the herbal supplements that are taken during the acne period. Remember, do not lose hope. The acne will clear away. All you have to do is be patient and ensure your skin is getting the best treatment and care that it deserves.

Acne freaks everyone out but do not get extra freaked out if the acne appears on the wrists and the forearms. There is a high chance that it will never happen because it is seen so rarely but if it does happen, do not think you have some disease. Just get to doing the treatment process as soon as possible and you’ll be alright.




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