Introduction And Background

Skin diseases and rashes are one thing the general population detests the most. Flawless skin is what makes most companies famous because they sell products and items that could give you what you want. However, at times, just products are not enough. Acne is one of those diseases where you have to be really careful about your diet and what you put on your face as well. It is also important to remember that acne does not only occur on the face as everyone usually percepts. You can get acne on your legs and feet as well.

Can Acne Occur On The Legs And Feet?

The answer to this is yes. There is a possibility of acne occurring on the legs and the feet. Most of the time it is a condition called Keratosis Pilaris and then people confuse it with acne. But acne can occur on the legs and the feet.


Is Acne Common On The Legs Or Feet?

It is true that acne is more common on the face and the shoulder but some people can also get it on their legs and even their feet. It is uncommon, especially on the feet but some people do get acne on their legs as well. It is rare but it is possible.

What To Do?

People worry more about acne on the legs and feet than they do about the acne on their face or shoulders. The reason behind this is that acne on the face is common and can be hidden by make up or other sorts. A person does not really look unusual with acne because most of the people around the world face this problem at one time or another. But with acne on the legs, it looks different and disgusting to most. Women especially freak out if an acne breakout is seen on the legs because they would prefer their legs to look good. In a situation like this, it is better not to freak out and to remain calm. There are no specific creams for acne on the legs (and if there are, it would be difficult to find) so many dermatologists would suggest using the same cream that is used on other parts of the skin. But for the feet, one has to be really careful. The thing is, with the feet there is a higher chance for acne to get worse. The feet are constantly exposed to various bacteria and dirt and most people are in the habit of walking around barefoot in their homes. It is necessary to maintain a high level of hygiene to cure the acne on the feet or it could get a lot worse which generally happens with most people.


Things To Keep In Mind

A few things to keep in mind when you get acne on your legs and feet:
• Do not panic. Even if it is rare, people do get acne in such odd places and it can be cured just the way it is cured when you get acne on the face or any common area.
• Try to avoid wearing tight jeans or any tight dress that would come in rough contact with your legs. Generally, if you get acne in the summers it could become worse because of the sweat and the dirt that could accumulate beneath those trousers. It is okay to wear shorts and knickers, even if you are afraid to show your acne. Remember, would you rather hide it and make it worse or expose it and help it heal?
• The same is the case with the feet. Try to wear loose and open shoes. If you run about and wear socks and sneakers, again the bacteria and dirt will make things worse and the healing process will stop. You need to make sure that your feet do not sweat so keep them in fresh air.
• Your legs and feet are a part of your skin. They need as good a treatment as the one you give your face. More often than not, teenagers often focus on the face only and in the end acne appears on the legs and the feet. One needs to be careful with those body parts as well and to give them the cleansing and the care they need.
• Some women get acne on the feet and legs because of the way they wax off the hair. This also happens rarely but does happen. It starts off with a small rash, a few pimples and suddenly becomes a case of acne. Make sure that you wax the right way and use a good wax.


After this article you’ll think that not one part of your body is spared by the skin condition of acne. This might be true but if you take good care of your skin overall, you’ll have a good clear face and body to show off in public. And even if you do get acne besides that, it is always curable on every part of the body, including the legs and the feet.


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