Body Acne: Introduction And Background

There will be six different kinds of facial creams in the cupboard, four different kinds of face washes on the sink and about a million dermal creams for acne on the face. No one will have a product that could take care of the hands and the arms as well as the face. Every single person on this planet will be more concerned on how to take good care of the face than any other part of the body because it is most sensitive and prone to getting skin conditions such as acne. And of course, everyone wants a clear and beautiful skin of the face. Well, a newsflash for all of the people. Acne can occur on the hands and the arms as well. So it is time to stock up on items that would beautify those body parts as well!

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Why Does Acne Occur On The Hands And The Arms?

Acne occurs due to clogged pores basically or if an infection makes bumps on the skins. There are many other reasons behind the onset of acne but these have to do with the hands and the arms. There will be very few people around the world who would have to face the problems of having acne on their hands and arms but the problem is very much there. Here are a few reasons of why acne occurs in these areas:
• The hand is the part of the body that comes into contact most with all kinds of dirt, germs and bacteria. It is important to keep the hands clean otherwise a person cannot just get acne at various places but also get sick if one eats from dirty hands. At times, there are a few spots that arise on the back of the hand which could turn into acne if not taken care of immediately.
• Acne occurs on the arms (but mostly the underarms) because of the sweat and bacteria that accumulates. The arms are generally a hairy area and the underarms even more so. This leads to being an easy target of acne because even if one washes the hands and the face in the morning and in between, they would not think of washing their underarms or arms would they?!
• At times the hair follicles on the hands and the arms get clogged along with the pores. In these situations, conditions get worse and pimples form, gradually leading to acne.


Get Rid of Acne on Your Arms:

How To Avoid Getting Acne On Hands And Arms?

Like written above, acne on hands and arms is not that common. Acne is usually seen on the face or the shoulders and around the neck. But still, even if it is not likely to happen it could. So a few things one should do to avoid getting into such an embarrassing situation as developing acne on the hands and the arms is:
• Keep yourself clean! This is the ultimate solution to all acne problems because acne is basically caused by bacteria or clogged pores or mishandling of a bunch of freckles and pimples.
• Another problem that most women face is to getting acne after waxing. They get cysts on the arms and the underarms which often lead to strange pimples which again lead to acne. Make sure to clean up properly after this exercise.
• Keep antibacterial hand and body washes in your bathroom. You might be surprised to find out how effective they are in fighting off the everyday germs and bacteria that you come in contact with which could easily bring about a breakout of acne.


How To Cure The Acne On The Hands And The Arms?

Even if you are a bit scared to see acne on parts of your body which you might find strange, it is best to handle it normally. Remember, it is acne, just like the skin condition many people have on their faces all over the world. Curing the acne on the hands and the arm is very much like curing it on any other part of the body. You eat the right diet, you keep yourself clean and you use creams or acne treatment kits as suggested by a dermatologist or one you selected by doing your own research. The process might be quicker, or might take longer than the usual acne solution that is used for the face. It depends on how worse the situation is. Some people even use creams meant for the acne on the face and have gotten great results! It is all the same skin after all.


Acne is not as bad or as incurable as you think it is. True, the process of healing is slow but it is possible at least. Acne on the hands and the arm is no different from acne on any other part of the body and should be dealt with just as carefully. Most people do not worry about it much because they find it strange and are glad that it did not appear on their face. Do not do that. the situation could get worse so get right to the problem before it gets to you.


  1. This article literally helped me to get rid off from acne. I tried acne cream on my face and it worked like a miracle. Thanks much for sharing.

  2. I’ve been having pimples on my face, chest and back ever since I was 15. This pimples are getting worse every year, sometimes I feel embarrassed when I’m in public, I need help to get rid of this pimples please. Any help at all.


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