Introduction And Background

We have all heard of acne and we have all seen it in our lifetime. If you haven’t seen it, then either you are the luckiest person in the world or you live around people with absolutely perfect skin. Of course, it could also be that you do not live in a very populated area. Getting back to the point of acne alone and not of how common it is, acne is really a terrible skin condition. Every person, whether a teenager or an adult, is scared of it because of the ugliness and scarring it can cause to a person’s body. Well, in this article we will be discussion acne on a particular area of the body; acne on the back.

Signs And Symptoms Of Acne On Back
The signs and symptoms of acne on the back are no different from the ones that appear for facial acne. They are basically:

  • Blackheads. These can easily occur because of blocked pores on the skin due to the oil and the sweat. The color is because of the reaction the oil of the sebum has with the air.
  • Whiteheads. These are also due to blocked pores but they are white because of the pus that is filled in the inflammatory areas of where the whiteheads are. Pustules also have pus in them but they are of a yellow color.
  • Papules. They are basically lesions on the skin.
  • Pustules. In other words, you would call them pimples or zits. They are the most common.

What Places Can Acne Appear On the Back?
Acne can appear practically anywhere on the back. It is most common around the shoulders and the area of the back of the neck but I can easily spread on the sides and even occur way down, just above the waist line.

What Causes Acne On The Back?
The causes of acne on the back are the same as causes of acne on anywhere else on the body. Acne on back can be caused by:

  • Hormones. Many people believe that hormone has the most major role to play in the formation of acne and while this may be true, it is not the only reason. Hormones can have affects on the outer surface of the body as well and if a particular hormone has  a high release due to any cause, be is stress even, acne can occur.
  • Exposure to the sunlight. Those living in sunny areas will often experience back acne more than those living in cloudy areas. The back, if constantly exposed to sunlight, can get aggravated and spots can occur because of too much heat. These spots and pimples, whether they are pustules or blackheads, can easily form acne.
  • Oily or sweaty skin. We need to keep our skin clean otherwise blocked pores can get us all in really big trouble. You read the symptoms of the back. Almost every other spot on the body is caused because of blocked pores. Make sure that hygiene remains on the top of your importance list and there are high chances you will never get acne.
  • Irritation or allergy. Acne on the back can also be caused by some irritation factor or some allergic reaction. Like the sun irritates enough to aggravate and cause acne, there can be other factors as well which contribute to the formation of acne. Even some allergic reactions to a medicine can cause acne on the back.

How To Treat Acne On The Back?
Treating acne on the back is not that hard. There is a certain lifestyle you have to adopt. If you do these things, you’ll be just fine:

  • KEEP CLEAN SHEETS. This is really important to get. Dirty sheets are the biggest cause of acne on the back. If we regularly change our bed sheets, we’ll be fast on the recovery process. We have our backs on those sheets every day for a minimum of eight hours at least. Let’s try and keep that area as clean as can get.
  • Keep clean towels as well. Do not keep using the same towel again and again without washing or cleaning it first. We use the towels after we clean up. There is no point in cleaning up if we are to dirty ourselves again.
  • Try to never wear the same clothes again after you have taken them off. You have no idea how much this can help!

These are several things you can do to help treat the acne on the back. But there are specific treatment methods and cream you can use along with it. And maintaining a healthy diet is imperative!

It doesn’t matter if you have acne on the back. It will only annoy you but if you are covered, no one can see it. You can have a stress free treatment process with patience for acne on the back!


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