Introduction And Background

Acne is to be taken seriously by everyone and that includes the people who do not have it but are surrounded by those who do. It is a skin condition very close to having an actual disease because it leads to many other things, such as depression and anxiety along with low self-esteem and low self-confidence. This happens especially when the age is young and the surroundings are not that civil; for instance, the high school period. It is very comfortable for people to treat acne as just a teenage thing that has been brought about by hormones but this is not the only reason for acne to occur. Read further to see.


Is Acne Only Caused By Hormones?
While it is true that hormonal changes might be the biggest factor for the onset of acne, it is not the only factor. Teenagers do get acne in their puberty stages because of the rapid changes their body is facing. Pregnant women are also known to get acne because of the hormonal changes that their body is facing because of the fetus. However, this is not the sole reason behind acne. There are many others to consider.


The Reasons Why We Get Acne
I’ll admit, hormones play a big part but there are various other reasons why we get acne. Here are a few listed below:


While pimples can arise easily because of sunlight and other things, this is also one of the main reasons of why we get acne. If we do not take care of your skin or personal hygiene and our skin remains oily and dirty most of the time, we are bound to get clogged pores. Bacteria are bound to settle in those clogged pores and voila, we are stuck with a case of acne. One should never let their skin get dirty and oily. It is a dangerous combination and can even aggravate the simple pimples that you have and turn it into severe acne! Hygiene also includes your surroundings. Make sure you are sleeping on clean bedspreads and are drying your face with a clean towel otherwise blackheads can appear easily.


Sleeping Patterns And Stress
Now you’ll say that stress also releases a lot of hormones and sleeping patterns also have a lot to do with hormones. While that might be the case, it also has to do with rest and decreasing the stress lines that might appear on your face or any other part of the body. Those who have good sleeping patterns are less likely to get acne.

Your Diet
This is one of the most important factors for getting acne. If your diet is not good and you are not having the proper amount of proteins and carbohydrates and fats in your diet, then you are not giving your skin the nutrition it needs. Along with acne, dark patches can occur on the skin and it can generally look sallow and pale. Less blood will also develop and you will not be getting the proper vitamins and anti-oxidants needed for skin protection and immunity. Thus, inflammation can occur along with accumulation of pimples and spots, especially whiteheads and pustules.


Your Genetics
Genes also play a role in getting acne. It is fairly common for siblings to get acne not because acne is contagious or anything but because their parents had it and it is most likely that they will get it too. This also happens even when a boy or girl takes very good care of their skin. It is mostly due to genetics.


Is Acne Treatable?
Acne is very much treatable. More often than not, people just give up hope and think they will live with the spots for the rest of their live. Either they believe this or they believe that their skin will never be the same again, even if it does get a little better. This is the worst thing they can think of. Acne is very much treatable and your skin CAN return to the way it was. All you have to do is find the right treatment method for your skin and then religiously follow it. You will also have to be patient since curing and healing the skin does not happen overnight and can take a number of weeks. There is the herbal treatment method that is particularly famous because of the natural essence of it. There are also dermal creams recommended by doctors. Either way, it is your duty to ensure that you follow it.


Hormones do cause acne but to blame it on hormones entirely is illogical and will not be true at all. There are many other factors which combine together and can easily cause acne. It is good to be aware of all of them.


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