Introduction And Background

Just when we think that the world cannot get rid of acne, there comes another detail that we all have to digest; babies getting acne. Usually, this is not very common because babies are born with a clear skin no matter what the color is. Acne is not just limited to the teenage years as people often think so. Elderly people get it, middle aged people can get it and even young adult suffer from it. Children are also known to get acne and now infants and babies and joined the list of those who can get this condition.

What Is Baby Acne?

Baby acne is just what these two words say; acne on the baby. When the baby is born, there are pimples accumulated in singular areas on its skin which are pretty clearly seen since the baby is small and usually has clear skin all over except for the acne area.


Does It Bother The Baby?

The baby cannot speak for itself but the doctors think that it does not bother the baby at all who is quite unaware of the condition on its skin because there is no difference between how an acne ridden baby reacts or how an acne free baby reacts. Thus, parents should not be worried about it causing any pain or discomfort to their child.


What Causes Acne In Babies?

No one really knows the specific cause of how acne comes about in babies but there have been many theories represented by different doctors and researchers;
• It could be because of the hormonal changes that the mother suffers from during her pregnancy. Her body is undergoing a lot of changes and it might have affected the development of the baby somehow in giving it acne.
• The mother and the child are connected till birth time and the hormones of the mother could influence the hormones of the baby whose sweat glands are not fully developed and the pores can clog easily, causing acne in the process.
• If it is developed the weeks after the baby has been born and not at birth, then it is mostly due to the hormones that have been passed on from the mother to the child.
• It could also be because of the formula or the milk given to the baby that might have not suited it well. But even at times breastfeed babies get acne so there is a higher possibility of the role of hormones in baby acne.


Symptoms And Signs Of Baby Acne

The clear cut sign and symptom of baby acne is the red rash and bumps that have appeared on the face, usually the cheeks and the forehead. It can at times also appear on the head of the baby which alarms the parents a lot who do not expect that a baby can get acne but it is nothing to be worried about because more than forty percent of infants now get acne and it doesn’t bother or harm them in any way.


How To Treat Baby Acne?

The important thing to remember here is that the person being treated is just a baby and one has to be extra careful while treating the acne. Baby acne usually disappears itself after a few weeks and most have reported that there is no sign of it after eight months. However, one can still treat their baby if they are feeling like they are neglecting it by ignoring the acne. However, it is important to remember a few things for treating the acne and of how to treat it;
• Treating the baby acne is very different from treating the adult acne or the acne on teenagers. There should be no use of dermatological creams of any sort or giving it medication for the acne. This can be dangerous and harmful for the development of the baby after birth.
• Wash the baby’s skin with a mild soap, the normal one that people generally use and make sure that it does not dry out the baby’s skin.
• Usually, people oil or moisturize the skin of their babies. If the baby has acne, try avoiding this or if you can’t avoid it then make sure that you do not do it too often.
• The baby often spurts out liquid and if they remain on the skin for too long, it could aggravate the acne. Clean it as soon as you can so that it does not harm the baby.
• Babies often tend to scratch their faces and they have unusually long nails at times! Make sure they do not scratch the acne ridden area because it could make the condition worse before it gets better.
• The mother’s diet should be proper in case she is breastfeeding her baby.



Acne on babies is normal and is not something you should be afraid of. Therefore, try not to be afraid and treat it normally with care and it will disappear by itself.


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