Introduction And Background

Skin diseases are often the worst to deal with because usually we are so stressed over them we rarely pay attention to the treatment process. When I had acne at a very young age, I was just applying creams, not really bothering how it worked or whether it worked or not but most of my time was spent cursing my luck in front of the mirror. I’m glad my acne was mild and that I grew out of it and there was no scarring involved. In fact, I’m very lucky. Because my grandmother told me a thing about acne. Never touch it, even if it itches.

Acne Symptoms
Most of the symptoms you already know about, I’m sure. Acne is so common that even a young child would know what it is perhaps by seeing their friend mull over it or perhaps a sibling has cried about it. Anyway, there are pimples and whitehead and then there are blackheads and pustules and nodules. These are all symptoms of acne. And then there are the hidden symptoms that you feel. There is the inflammation and irritation caused by it. And then there is the need to itch and scratch. This can be very dangerous because one is not supposed to touch or handle their acne pimples. They must be left alone to heal during the treatment process and even touching them again and again can cause bacteria to travel to the face and can aggravate the acne.

How To Control The Itching?
You can let it not bother you and be patient with it but this hardly comes in handy in these tough times where patience is a word long gone. One can control the itching by applying creams but the best way is probably the herbal therapy.

Herbal Therapy To Control The Itching
There are herbs that can control and treat the itching and the pain that is sometimes found in acne. These herbs can give you relief to pry your hands away from scratching and can even treat the acne as a whole while doing so. They even reduce the inflammation. Some of these herbs are:

  • Aloe Vera. The name of this herb is heard a lot in acne because it is one of those herbs that can treat it fully. It is used for various skin conditions, not just acne. You can use the natural aloe vera or even get the gel from the store to apply on to your face topically. Aloe Vera reduces the inflammation and also gives relief to the pain and the itching.
  • A mixture of honey and cinnamon is the next best thing. Honey has incredible anti-bacterial powers and is known to be a good agent for a healthy life. Mixing honey and cinnamon will make a paste that you can apply to your face every night. It will heal the acne and also reduce the itching part of it. In fact, with the paste on your face, you won’t be able to touch your pimples and spots anyway.
  • Yogurt is not used very often but it gives a cooling effect to your skin. It might not heal acne on the whole but it is good for the skin and will definitely calm you down from that itching state. Like I said, it is really cool and makes you forget about scratching for a while.
  • Tea Tree Oil is also something like Aloe Vera. It is probably heard every time someone mentions acne. This is because of its amazing power to heal acne. Tea Tree Oil is used immensely in pastes for healing acne because it has anti-inflammatory properties and also soothes the skin. It also boosts the immune system. Applying to topically is bound to get you to reduce the itching feeling you’ve been getting.

Is Acne Treatable?
Most people treat acne but do not really believe that this skin condition will go away. They think that acne will scar their skin forever and even if they are working towards healing their skin, it still will not work. Well, this is not true. Acne is treatable and your skin can become as it once was if you are very careful in healing it properly. As mentioned above, do not play with your acne. Do NOT touch any of the pimples. If you feel like scratching and it itches, use some of these herbs mentioned above and you will be fine. But remember, your skin can be as it once was only if you are careful and believe that it will be.

Some might not go for the herbal treatment but we all know that the natural way of doing things, especially for the skin, is the best way of doing things.


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