Introduction And Background

We all know what Acne is so there would be no need for an introduction to that. However, just to be clear for those who really have no idea, acne is a skin disease where there are pimples and spots accumulated at a single place and make a permanent home there at times. It is usually seen to occur on the face, the shoulders and even the back at times. Acne mostly occurs in adolescents and young adults and can cause many problems, including low self confidence, low self esteem and even depression. But it is important to remember that acne if very much curable. Keeping that in mind, read further to find out ways to either prevent Acne from happening or on starting the process to cure it by vitamins.

Your Acne Friendly Vitamins

Vitamins are an essential nutritional requirement in our body. But they are also used against fighting acne. It is not that they are acne prevention elements. It is what they do that could prevent acne or cure it. Some of them are listed below, along with their benefits.
• Vitamin A
This vitamins plays a role in the production of the oily sebum that is released onto our skin. How this could help in acne? The oily sebum that is secreted aids in keeping the tissue of our skin healthy and strong. When the tissue is kept this way, there is little chance for acne to develop on the skin tissue. It is an anti-oxidant as well. Vitamin A is present in carrots, mangoes, spinach and egg yolk.
• Vitamin B
Vitamin B has many types, but the one we’re concerned about is called the vitamin B5. It keeps the skin healthy and strong and is an important component for a balanced skin. With a balanced skin, it gets neither too dry nor too oily which is one of the major reasons for acne prevalence. You’ll find this vitamin in milk, cheese and red meat.
• Vitamin C
We’ve all heard about this vitamin. Present in good amounts in citrus fruits and some vegetables, this vitamin provides immunity to the skin. With this immunity, it is likely that acne cannot occur because a powerful barrier is now protecting the skin against all kinds of inflammation and unnecessary bacterial accumulation that could easily lead to a case of acne.
• Vitamin D
Who would have thought that the vitamin produced by the skin itself under exposure of sunlight can help in curing acne? Vitamin D is not generally considered an acne friendly vitamin but there have been reported cases where people have gotten the vitamin D treatment, whether it be by taking supplements of the vitamin or exposing themselves to sunlight for a limited time every day, and have cured their acne problems. You only need exposure to sunlight for this vitamin and your skin will do the rest. However, if that is not possible somehow then vitamin D is present in healthy amounts in fish, egg yolk and milk.
• Vitamin E
It is known as the ‘repairing vitamin’. While other vitamins protect, grow, enhance the skin, this vitamin is used in repairing the skin tissue. It is the vitamin that is used for after acne has been developed. It is found in green leafy vegetables.
Something To Keep In Mind
All these vitamins are acne friendly and could really assist you in either getting rid of the acne or to stop it from happening in the first place. But still, there are some things you should be aware of. If you’re generally having these vitamins in limited, balanced and healthy amounts for acne related solutions, then it is fine. But if you’re going to start the proper treatment by taking supplements on a daily basis, then you need to consult a doctor first. Online information is not enough. You need to tell your entire history. For instance, for pregnant women it is unhealthy and dangerous to take too much of a vitamin. It could cause birth defects. Hence, keep in mind your condition and always take advice from a doctor before starting your treatment process, even if it is something as simple as taking vitamins out of a box.


These vitamins are present in almost every food you eat. Even if you’re eating something while reading this article, there must be some vitamin present in it. If you’re eating healthy, you need not worry about taking supplements to overcome the vitamin deficiency. And if you’re down with acne problem, research a little and eat more of the foods that have these particular vitamins. They could really cure you. There are many reviews that have greatly favored the vitamin way of curing the acne problem. But you have other options too, such as natural acne kits. They are inexpensive, safe to use, have no side effects and are as natural a treatment process as the vitamin treatment method of curing acne. Both are good, so choose whatever you’re comfortable with.


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