Acne or Acne Vulgaris as it is better known in medical terminology is essentially a skin disorder associated with unusual accumulation of sebum at the base of the hair follicles. The logic is simple considering that the sebaceous glands are usually activated around puberty when the sex hormones produced by the adrenal glands stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce and secrete more sebum.

The commonest regions to be affected are the head and the neck in addition to the chest and the back. Although acne has been known to be accompanied with emotional and physical damage the good news is that when diagnosed and treated early reversal and cure is quick and complete.


Acne can occur at any age however if statistics are any index the commonest age for manifestation of acne is puberty and teen years and may even extend to young adults. The prevalence of this condition is indeed astonishing considering the fact that 75% of those in the 11 to 30 years age group invariably contract this disease condition. Those with a penchant for numbers would indeed find it fascinating that 17 million Americans suffer from this disease condition at any point of time.

The course and progression of the disease is relatively harmless and it seldom complicates. However this is one disease condition which could well lead to permanent scarring of the skin when the condition is ignored and treatment avoided.


Statistics indicate that acne is arguably one of the commonest skin conditions known to mankind the world over. What makes it even more fascinating is the mechanics as to how an apparently healthy individual contacts this disease condition.

This could be attributed to the fact that the skin contains innumerable pores or openings which are connected to oil glands located just under the surface of the skin.  The medical fraternity refers to these oil glands as sebaceous glands and are connected to the pores in the skin through a canal like structure. This canal like structure is better known as the follicle and is often the path through which a hair grows and protrudes over the surface of the skin.

In instances where theses canals get blocked by oil and dead cell debris swellings and pustules filled with pus develop. The condition is better known as acne and would require immediate treatment if complications are to be avoided.


One of the simplest disease conditions to recognize the condition is invariably associated with a range of manifestations. To illustrate the case in point typically acne would present with a pink or light coloured rash over the region of the head and neck in addition to the front of the chest and the back. This may be followed by a crop of comedones, pustules, papules and even nodules.

Pustules are simply sacs or swellings filled with pus while nodules are larger sized papules and need no introduction.


Prompt cure is critical considering that it can relieve you of embarrassment and helps enhance self-esteem from a psychological perspective.  When treatment is delayed it is a distinct possibility that pustules and nodules may culminate as permanent depressive scars on the face. This could be attributed to the fact that the regions forms excess amounts of collagen tissue as it tries to heal itself.


The strategy to effective cure is a function of the severity and intensity of the disease. In instances where the disease condition is relatively mild all that one would need is topical application of creams and lotions. These are easily available over the counter and what is encouraging is the fact that the majority of those with acne would invariably present with mild symptoms.

While Resorcinol is known to breakdown the whiteheads and blackheads that would have erupted, it is Benzoyl Peroxide which is known to slow down the production of oil or sebum from the oil glands. Concurrently Benzoyl Peroxide also kills the bacteria thus curing and controlling fresh eruptions of pustules.


Salicylic acid is undeniably the pick of options when it comes to treating acne and continues to dominate any treatment protocol. Typically used topically as an important ingredient of a shampoo formulation salicylic acid is known to reduce the shedding of dead cells into the canal like structure or hair follicle. Thus it prevents and reverses the swelling and cysts which are a typical presentation of acne.

Concurrently salicylic acid is known to breakdown whiteheads as well as blackheads and this makes it a preferred option during the early stages of the disease condition.


When the condition is severe and the crops more resistant to treatment Azelaic acid is known to return some very encouraging results. This is more than validated by the fact that it removes free radicals and dramatically reduces the inflammation thus leading to an effective cure in most. The strategy is simple considering the fact that the acid is used in the form of lotions and is locally applied in the region of the skin where the eruptions are present.









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