Introduction And Background

Who knew that the weather and the seasons would also have a huge impact on the terrible skin condition that is acne? I say terrible because it is. Acne is not good to have and every normal human being on the earth would agree. It disfigures the face and makes you think that you’ll always look like this while the rest of the earth walks around with a clear and beautiful skin. However, seasons do affect the condition of acne but there is good news here. In summers, you have to take extra care of the acne so that it does not get aggravated further but in winters you are pretty much on a holiday from taking care of acne.


Are Winters Good For Acne?

In comparison with summers, winters are definitely good for acne and many elderly women say that if you want to get rid of acne, do it in the winter time because there is more chance that the problem will be fixed. And we don’t argue with our elders, do we? Winters are good for acne.


Why Are Winters Good For Acne?

There are several reasons why winters are good for acne. The weather and conditions ensure that there is no unnecessary dirt and sweat that could accumulate on the face and the acne is pretty safe from bacteria of that kind. Other than that, there is also little chance that a person feels or gets dehydrated in the winters. If people drink sufficient water, they will feel better for their skin and for themselves because the water ensures a healthy and prosperous glow to the skin. Then there is also the factor of the sweat glands not opening as much as in summers. Still, the skin secretes oil onto the face from keeping it too dry and from trying to insulate the skin to trap heat against the cold but the oil is also somewhat good for the skin but do not let it remain on the face for longer periods of time. That could worsen the acne.


Is Taking Care Of Acne Necessary In Winters?

Even if wintertime is good for acne and you have to be less careful than normal towards the skin, you still have to be careful. Taking care of acne is necessary at all times, despite the season that is going on. I’ll admit that taking care of acne is more essential in summers than it is in winters but that does not mean that in the latter you get to do anything to your skin. It still needs to be kept clean and if it needs to be moisturized, it should. Do not let go of things just because it is wintertime. You need to be careful at all times, even if a little less now.


Can Acne Be Cured In Winters?

Acne can be cured at all times but like I mentioned before, the elderly say that winters is the best time to get rid of your acne. And they might be right because in winter time, your body does not suffer as much as it does in summers due to all the heat and stress and winters are generally good to the skin. Thus, if you maintain the right diet and work up solutions to cure the acne, winter time is really the best time to do it. You won’t have to be that careful either.


Can We Get Acne In Winters?

Yes, you can. There is not particular time for acne to develop. It can come about at any time due to a lot of factors, mostly hormonal. Winters are a good time to control acne but there is no law that says acne cannot develop in winters. It might be a statistical fact that in there are more people who develop acne in summers but there are people who have developed acne in winters too.


How Many Times Should We Wash The Face In Winters?

This is an important question. Washing the face a lot in summers is fine because of the sweat and oil that has accumulated on the face but this usually does not happen in winters. In winters, the skin also becomes dry so washing it even more will dry it out further. Therefore, do not wash your face a lot in winters. Twice a day is fine, one in the morning and one before you go to bed. Other than that, just remain clean.



In Winters, the song ‘tis the season to be jolly’ is usually played and it really is the season to be jolly. There are winter vacations to consider and then you also don’t have to pay extra attention the acne. It is also the time where fixing acne could work faster.



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